Google To Let Advertisers Converse With AI-Based Ad Platform

Google has been working on a "conversational experience" with a small group of advertisers during the past few months that could once again change the way advertisers build ads.

Through the small pilot, the company has heard feedback on how the ability to converse with the platform has helped to save time and inspire new ideas when creating campaigns.

Based on this feedback, Google has made improvements to the conversational experience and in the coming months plans to move the project into a beta test phase in the U.S. and U.K., with both in English. 

A Google spokesperson declined to share additional information, but said the company should have more news to share on this feature in the next few weeks.



Although it is unclear exactly what Google's feature will provide, some advertising agencies such as Merkle have built text conversational experiences into ad platforms based on large knowledge models. Merkle calls its LKM a “foundation model” that accounts for text and numerical data, structured and unstructured data, videos, images, and product reviews.

Google on Wednesday also announced that automatically created assets (ACA) launched in general availability as an opt-in feature for Search Ads to increase the relevancy of ads served through tailored headlines and descriptions--all based on the context of the ads, such as landing pages and existing ads. 

The feature also allows advertisers to remove assets from the ads if there are any automatically created that marketers prefer to stop using.

Advertisers can find the opt-in feature in the campaign settings or in the “Enable automatically created assets” recommendation on the Recommendations page. It's part of the conversational experience in Google Ads meant to help advertisers build search campaign that, in theory, drive better performance with less effort.

Using a website URL, artificial intelligence (AI) will help to generate what the campaign needs, such as keywords, headlines, and images. With each session, marketers can interact with the AI to modify suggestions and approve them before running the campaign.

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