Tech-Savvy Gen Z Reluctant To Use AI

Gen Z approaches generative artificial intelligence (GAI) with caution in the workplace, although this group is known for their tech-savvy demeanor. The group surveyed by Adobe is split on whether they are ready to embrace the technology in the workplace or walk away, and only 48% say they feel prepared for their employer to adopt the technology.

Adobe on Wednesday released the findings of its latest study that explores the career motivations and workplace expectations of Gen Z.

The study, Adobe Future Workforce, surveyed more than 1,011 Gen Z early career starters working at medium to large-size companies in the U.S. to understand perspectives and behaviors driving the generation’s career decision-making and what they expect from employers. Data was fielded in early September 2023.

The findings provide an in-depth look at how young professionals are approaching their careers, including views on emerging technologies, career development, company values and corporate social responsibility.



Only 35% of survey participants said their organizations have implemented guidelines on GAI use in the workplace, with half of the respondents admitted to having used the technology to aid their work.

Gen Z anticipates the inevitable permanence of GAI but only 23% expressed excitement about its use in the workplace. Some 59% do not see GAI as a threat are not concerned the technology will replace their jobs.

Early career starters want to be change-makers in their workplace and are not shy about using their voice. They are eager to lend their perspectives at work, with 89% saying they are comfortable with providing feedback to peers and colleagues. Some 74% feel comfortable giving upward feedback to managers or supervisors, 70% are eager to climb the corporate ladder to the C-suite, and 69% feel good about career growth opportunities at their company. Some 50%, however, see no clear path to promotion as one of the top reasons they would leave a job.

There are several reasons why Gen Z would leave a job. They prioritize an inclusive workplace, with

80% saying they have a strong support network of colleagues their age in the workplace. It allows 87% to feel comfortable being open about traditionally sensitive topics like job satisfaction, and 77% said it allows them to be open about compensation.

Corporate social responsibility also is important to early career starters with 56% reporting they want to work for a company that is outspoken about social issues.

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