vMVPD Apps Grab 70% Of CTV Device Ad Spend, Hulu Leads N.A. CTV Developers

Pixalate has released the Q2 2023 editions of its vMVPD traffic analysis report and CTV app developer market share report. 

Virtual multichannel video programming distributors/vMVPDs such as Sling TV, Tubi, Pluto and Xumo account for 70% of global ad spend on leading CTV devices, according to the vMVPD traffic analysis. 

Pixalate reviewed more than seven billion global open programmatic advertising transactions across more than 14,000 CTV bundle IDs mapped to over six thousand unique CTV apps in the second quarter of 2023, on leading CTV devices including Roku, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Other findings:

Fully 80% of global programmatic ad spend goes to top vMVPD apps on Samsung TV.

The top 25 vMVPD apps account for 69% of ad spend on Roku and 63% of ad spend on Amazon Fire TV.



However, ad spend on the top 25 vMVPD apps declined by 26% year-over-year on Amazon Fire TV, and by 6.7% on Roku.

The top-grossing vMVPD apps on Samsung are Hulu, Samsung TV Plus, Sling TV, Tubi and Philo; the top apps on Roku are Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, Sling and Roku; and the top apps on Amazon Fire are Hulu, Pluto, Philo, Tubi and Sling.

vMVPD apps have a lower rate of Invalid Traffic (IVT) compared to non-vMVPD apps.

Roku has 2.3 times higher IVT rates on non-vMVPD apps (12.4% versus 5.6%); Samsung has 1.5 times higher IVT rates on non-vMVPD apps (4.9% versus 3.3%); and Amazon Fire TV has 1.9 times higher IVT rates on non-vMVPD apps (20.3% versus 10.5%).

The Q2 2023 CTV app developer market share report identified nearly 50,000 CTV apps across Roku (27,000), Amazon Fire TV (18,000) and Samsung Smart TV (3,000).

The top 10 CTV developers on Roku are all based in North America, and Hulu is the leading CTV developer in the region, with a 44% share (chart top of page).

Playworks Digital dominates in EMEA, with 35% market share.

Hulu was found to be the top developer on Roku and Samsung TV devices, with 36% and (29% shares, respectively.

Pluto (8%) and Tubi (7%) are the second- and third-top CTV developers on Roku.

With 27% market share, Samsung is the second-most popular CTV developer on Samsung Smart TV.

Philo leads on Amazon Fire TV devices (16%). Hulu has 15% of the global open programmatic ad revenue on Amazon Fire TV.

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