Amazon Proves Ad Dreams Come True For NFL Games

Amazon claims to drive the youngest and most affluent audiences across streaming in the National Football League. They watch 10 minutes more of Thursday Night Football than any other NFL game, and are more likely to take action on ads, according to internal data.

This year, Amazon will host its first every NFL Black Friday game where the Miami Dolphins take on the New York Jets. The game will be free to non-Prime members, the company said today.  

Dude Perfect, which has more than 100 million social media followers for sports and comedy performances, will host a Black Friday alternate stream.

Tyler, Cory, Cody, Kolby, and Garret created Dude Perfect in their Texas A&M dorm room after fooling around doing trick shots. Now they run one of the biggest sports and entertainment brands. 

The group felt it an honor that Amazon would consider them as alternate broadcasters. The stream will feature over-the-top TNF watch parties with special guests, stunts, competitions, and more.



What does Dude Perfect have to do with advertising? Amazon wants marketers, including search, who never thought they could advertise during NFL games on streaming TV to think different it based on the company’s new ad solutions, such as Sponsored TV. 

It enables brands to run streaming TV campaigns with no minimum spend to reach audiences watching content on Amazon Freevee, livestreamed entertainment on Twitch, and third-party streaming TV services through Fire TV apps. This does not include Prime Video content, and live sports like Thursday Night Football.

Amazon says that the ads can take viewers from the football game to their product page with a click of the remote and Fire TV device. Internal data also shows that interactive TV ads are outperforming QR codes during the game.

It’s not just for Thursday Night Football or NFL Black Friday. Amazon wants brands that haven’t advertised on streaming TV to know they have made it more affordable any day of the week.

The agency Tinuiti worked with the shoe brand TOMS to advertise on Amazon streaming TV, despite that the brand had the perception of being too expensive. During the creation of the campaign, Amazon said it would fund the streaming creative if it included a QR code.

TOMS addressed the cost-perception, included the QR code and showed positive results. New-to-brand units sold attributed to the campaign rose 58% during the month of the test and branded search volume rose 25$. Total added product sales increased 32%.

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