E.l.f. Brings 'Social Entrepreneurship' To Roblox Via New Gamified Experience

American cosmetics brand E.l.f., known for its affordable bath and skincare products, has launched its first Roblox experience with “e.l.f. Up!” an open-world tycoon-style game built by Supersocial that invites users to develop financial literacy and “raise social awareness” by creating and running their dream startups.

Becoming an entrepreneur in e.l.f. Up! translates to operating a shop and earning Robux, the metaverse platform's virtual currency.

Players will have four brand-inspired shops to choose from, including a recording studio and karaoke bar, an underwater sea-life charity and animal rescue, a crystal cave jewelry and art gallery, and a climbing gym and tech startup.

Each shop is named after an e.l.f's own products, like the “Big Mood” mascara and “Power Grip” makeup primer.



The company says additional developments will surface post-launch, including a pet adoption center where users can adopt animals to join their journey, new game mechanics, more languages, and areas inspired by new brand products and launches.

The company rooted the game in entrepreneurship partly because of a recent study by BazaarVoice that shows 62% of all Gen Zers intending to become entrepreneurs, with additional information collected by the World Economic Forum’s “2023 Future of Jobs Report” that names creative, analytical thinking and coding as the key skill sets for today's workplace.

As part of the Roblox experience, e.l.f. says it will be giving away over one million UGC items, starting with 10 virtual items inspired by the brand's “Holy Grail” products, including a Power Grip Primer VR headset.

“We've given the players and the community a significant amount of choice at the start, but it is a living organism and will be something that we continue to evolve daily,” said Brad Timmons, managing director for esports agency and consultancy Egen Sports, which helped develop E.l.f’s Roblox presence.

“It combines social impact with community-driven creativity, setting the stage for a new kind of social entrepreneurship in the virtual world,” commented Yonatan Raz-Fridman, founder and CEO of Supersocial.

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