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Steve Jobs Will Transform Entertainment World

The industry's fascination with the Disney-Pixar tie-up is secure for months to come. Of special interest: Steve Jobs' role at Disney. How will he work his magic at the Kingdom? Business Week has produced a long takeout on the subject, concluding that Jobs has the ability to transform not just the Walt Disney Company but the entertainment industry as a whole. Some particulars: Apple may build an all-in-one box that would serve as a comprehensive entertainment center, taking the place of a CD rack, DVD player, TiVo, and stereo. Apple will probably introduce a mobile phone that will download music over the air or via wire sync. Under Jobs, Disney may begin to distribute films via the Internet. Jobs surely doesn't need Disney in order to advance Apple's business, but there's a certain inevitability now to the rollout of entertainment-related products. Concludes BW: "[Robert] Iger's assets and Jobs' vision could prove a potent combination."



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