LinkedIn Launches Media Planning API For Agency Partners

Business and employment-focused social-media network LinkedIn has launched a Media Planning API, introducing the ability for agency partners to glean data directly from LinkedIn's platform in order to increase ROI and make more accurate and strategic campaign decisions before spending any money from the budget.

“The goal of media planning is to maximize the impact and efficiency of advertising campaigns, enabling marketers to plan for audience, platforms, channels and budget to maximize ROI,” LinkedIn said in a blog post. “Many marketers work with agencies to manage media-planning strategies. Agencies who excel in this area are in especially high demand as brands scrutinize spending amid economic uncertainty.”

The Media Planning API, according to the company, is a solution for agency partners that are attempting to plan and manage campaigns across a growing number of platforms, ad formats and privacy regulations.



With the new API, LinkedIn says, agencies should be able to narrow their reach by receiving data about LinkedIn's user base in the form of demographics, job roles, industries and online behaviors, in addition to more cohesive strategies and smarter budget allocation via the option to integrate LinkedIn's data with their own tools and analytics.

“Now our teams can optimize for reach and frequency, which has traditionally been challenging in B2B, while avoiding oversaturation within an audience segment to maintain relevance,” says client and Dentsu APAC CPO Sunil Naryani.

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