OOH Media Rep Billups Adds Carbon Impact Data, Offsets Too

Out-of-home media rep Billups this morning announced a deal with carbon footprint analytics firm Cedara to integrate its data to help advertisers and agencies estimate the carbon impact of their media buys.

"Initially, this will allow buyers to have net-neutral campaigns without requiring changing anything about their strategy," a Billups spokesperson said, adding: "In the long term, our tool will allow our clients to make more informed decisions that jointly optimize the campaign effectiveness and the carbon created."

Initially, the out-of-home media-buy carbon rating will serve as an "FYI," he said, adding that ultimately Billups plans to offer a "per-unit score" for carbon costs, as well as a "carbon CPM" pricing model.

Cedara's methodology factors carbon emissions associated with the material, size, power consumption, manufacturing location and installation, as well as campaign duration and other factors of out-of-home media buys.

As part of the offering, Billups will provide a carbon "offset cost" based on the campaign spend and impression data per campaign, which will be added to an advertiser's invoice as an additional line item.



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