Experian, InfoSum Introduce Cleanrooms For Automotive

Lauren Wetzel, COO at data collaboration platform InfoSum looks at the implementation of data clouds for advertising in a completely different way. In a partnership with Experian, she focuses on speed. 

Experian is helping to support clients get there faster -- meaning adherence to data-privacy standards that regulations and the industry are implementing. 

This week, the two companies will announce a partnership that allows automotive brands to securely access insights about in-market or current vehicle owners, extend match rates, and improve targeting.

The partnership aims to give businesses a way to connect directly to consumers with a high propensity to purchase a vehicle in a secure and privacy-safe way.

Wetzel said solutions need to have the ability to get things up and running quickly without a data-science background. "Everyone wants to talk about 99 problems in the cleanroom," she said, "but I don't see anything about how fast some partners who adopt the technology can start collaborating and get performance." 



Brands can be up and running within 24 hours, and collaborate with a partner within 48 hours, using the collaboration platform. 

The importance of privacy-first collaboration platforms has never been greater, with third-party cookie deprecation underway. 

Built around Experian’s identity graph and InfoSum's data cleanroom technology, auto brands can access Experian’s more than 750 off-the-shelf syndicated audience segments covering 900 million registered vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

The importance of privacy-first collaboration platforms has never been greater, with third-party cookie deprecation underway. 

The predictive data related to the ownership of a car centers on a variety of data points such as fuel type, make and model, and vehicle price. All of these provide insights on consumers planning to buy in the next six months, enabling brands to enrich and extend their first-party data to generate greater reach, scale, and relevancy.

The two companies have been working together for the past four years, but began building this cleanroom strategy for the automotive industry in 2023.

The tools are drag-and-drop and what the company calls “error-proof features.” That means the person does not need an expertise to build, execute, and optimize campaigns with speed.

All data remains fully obfuscated, aggregated, and protected -- enabling advertisers, agencies, and measurement partners to leverage this intelligence to continually optimize audience segmentation and improve accuracy with protection.


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