eBay Personalizes Shopping Powered By AI

The fashion industry has just become more personal. eBay introduced a generative AI (GAI) experience for shoppers with recommendations on style that evolves with the taste of the customer by taking cues from their shopping habits.

The personalized service aims to reimagine online shopping as an "immersive, personal and you" experience.

Shop the look, powered by eBay.ai, launches Wednesday. The feature curates fashion styles and offers a new type of shopping experience based on the first-party data the consumer shares each time they visit the site.

It relies on generative AI (GAI) and evolves with the tastes of the customer by taking cues from their shopping habits. It creates a personalized service for style and recommendations.

Raul Romero, a product manager at eBay, called the experience "a gateway to the world of fashion for consumers."



"It keeps Consumers connected with the latest trends and providing access to timeless pieces from our vast breadth of inventory and selection," Romero wrote in a post.

The feature, which has interactive hotspots that reveal similar items for sale, is available in iOS for U.S. and U.K. customers, with Android coming later this year.

Shoppers who have viewed at least 10 fashion items in the past 180 days will find this feature on the eBay home page and fashion landing page.

eBay is exploring potential expansions into categories other than fashion. The goal is to continuously enhance the feature with new personalization elements during the next year.

Last year, eBay introduced an AI tool for marketplace sellers that can generate a product listing from one photo. It can automatically write a title and description based on a photo, as well as information including a product release date, and suggest a category, subcategory, list price and shipping cost.

eBay built the tool internally. The team uses the listing data generated to train the model.

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