Visa Grabs Performance - Whether Or Not They Admit It

The power of small steps to make big things happen is the theme of Visa’s latest ad campaign, which acknowledges all who have set goals and strived to achieve them.

This can be relevant to someone who wants to learn another language, or a baby trying to walk from their mom or dad without holding on to something (well, maybe not for this campaign) -- or an advertiser who seeks to reach a specific audience.

In this campaign, the focus turns to world-class athletes who will strive to do their best at the Olympic and Paralympics games this summer.

"'Prodigies' highlights Visa’s enduring belief that no matter how you define it, success does not happen overnight," says Frank Cooper III, CMO at Visa.

Success is achieved through the power of small steps, Cooper says, as people work to continuously improve.



That should also be a lesson for advertisers looking for new customers during turbulent economic times -- taking small steps when paying for performance, with online advertising where advertisers such as Visa pay for specific results such as clicks, conversions, and leads.

The campaign features appearances by iconic musician Pharrell Williams, Visa Cash App RB Formula One motorsports racing driver Daniel Ricciardo, chef and entrepreneur Roy Choi, and  artist and designer Gemma O’Brien.

Brand ambassadors can help campaigns move things forward. These ambassadors include Team Visa athlete/tennis star Iga Swiatek and Olympic skateboarding medalist and Team Visa athlete Sky Brown.

Visa believes that with access and the proper tools, anyone can make it or achieve success. The campaign underscores the importance of perseverance in achieving greatness.

Company executives view this campaign as its latest brand positioning through advertising, activations, and direct communication in social. And the feel-good ad looks at the hard work and challenges faced on a path to becoming the best, long before they were recognized as accomplished stars from athletes to artists, fashion, entertainment, and culture, the campaign serves as a tribute to the power of small steps that move people forward.

Many advertisers shift between performance and branding, leaning too heavily on the later. Visa certainly doesn’t lack the data required to run performance campaigns, but companies need a healthy combination of both to reach the right audience.

The campaign theme should be a lesson for advertisers looking for new customers during rocky economic times. 

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