Dynamic Data Points: Enterprise Brands Can Integrate Email And Other Channels

MessageGears has added 250 channel activation endpoints to its engagement platform for use in marketing campaigns by large enterprises. 

The new touchpoints, including advertising networks, ecommerce, media and streaming, will help brands “utilize every data point in real time to deliver relevant and personalized customer journeys with incredible efficiency gains," says Roger Barnette, CEO of MessageGears.

The new data exploration capability allows a brand to visualize relevant data from its data cloud, data lake or data warehouse.

In addition, MessageGears offers reverse ETL. The native connection to the cloud data warehouse provides the whole organization with clean data, the company states. 

Another feature is cross-channel customer engagement, Integrating third-party endpoints with native email, SMS, and mobile.



GoDaddy, Chewy and Indeed are among the enterprises that use MessageGears to unify owned channels such as email with push notifications, facilitated through their partner providers, the firm says.

Firms benefit from the ability to sync customer data directly from internal data clouds to owned and third-party channels, without passing through packaged SaaS solutions like CDPs, the company states. 

"As brands continue to use their internal data cloud as their source of truth, they need more ways to use that data to power real-time customer experiences across channels like ad networks, social media networks and owned channels like email, SMS and mobile apps," Barnette says.



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