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Salaries Up For Media Buyers, Planners

When salaries for entry-level media buyers ballooned during the boom in 2000, there was a sense that the good times wouldn't last forever. The party ended with the bust, which tossed many of them out of work and froze the salaries of those who kept their jobs.

Now, six years later, as the ad economy is healthy again, starting salaries for media people are back to where they were at the top of the boom. In some cases, they are above that level.

However, those increases have not tended to work their way up the ladder to more experienced pros. That's according to a Media Life salary poll, which asked readers to estimate salaries for a range of media-planning and buying positions across six different regions of the country.

They chose good and poor starting salaries for 11 different media-buying and planning positions. The magazine then looked at the top responses in each category and compared them with salary data gathered from media directors during March 2000, as the boom neared its peak.



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