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Joel Rubinson

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  • President Rubinson Partners, Inc.
  • Twitter: joelrubinson
  • 70 la rue drive
  • huntington New York
  • 11743 USA

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  • How To Avoid Targeting Tragedies in MediaDailyNews on 06/29/2020

    Here are strategies that can help marketers or agencies avoid the pitfalls of lack of segment accuracy and lack of purchase forecasting science.

  • Gorillas In The (Media) Mix? in MediaDailyNews on 06/24/2008

    A bad pun on a Sigourney Weaver movie, but let's face it, TV is still the 800-pound gorilla in the media mix. However, with the explosive growth of Internet advertising, viral/social community/event approaches, and shopper marketing, the questions concerning TV advertising's ROI have gotten more acute than ever. For example, at a recent Association of National Advertisers conference, a speaker suggested that 10 quality relationships might be worth more that 5 million impressions. At this point, I think the industry needs to engage in some serious math rather than qualitative characterizations to answer questions like that.

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  • Attribution Accelerator Day 4: Recency, Creative Take Center Stage by Tony Jarvis (MediaDailyNews on 11/19/2021)

    As soon as I see someone write about the importance of creative, it signals to me a flawed view of advertising as they are conflating two very different effects...performance and brand building.  Performance effects come from your Movable MIddle (those with a  20-80% probability of buying your brand) reacting to your advertising and their response is not  very dependent on creative quality because they already know your brand. There, media and targeting are certainly more important than creative.  In fact, I believe Erwin would completely endorse this view.  Creative IS more important when you are trying to get non-buyers to think or feel something new about your brand pursuant to conquest.  A much tougher task but that is where creative takes a lead role.

  • ARF Calls For Action To Save Ad-Supported Media, Doesn't Say What It Is by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/15/2021)

    Not sure about "crossroads" but clearly we are going down a path of privacy protection where developments can be interpreted as leading to less privacy not more.  For example,  Apple deprecates MAIDs but knows everything I do AND reads my e-mails (and uses that information).  we are replacing the most anonymous of identifiers..cookies...with PII based identifiers.  Perhaps the cross-roads is that it is time for the industry to make its case to consumers and legislators that targeted advertising adds value to consumers via greater relevamce rather than viewing it as an intrusion.

  • Why Losing Targeting Is A Good Thing For Advertisers by Lauren Beerling (Marketing Insider on 04/14/2021)

    his ideas are quite destructive.  we have shown that the targeting proposed by the MMA out performs reach based planning by 50%

  • Why Losing Targeting Is A Good Thing For Advertisers by Lauren Beerling (Marketing Insider on 04/14/2021)

    As a marketer, I would be happy if my competitors followed the advice of this article.  I'll take targeting and the 50% improvement in ROAS I have documented.

  • Google Gains Additional Data From Performance To Target Ads by Laurie Sullivan (Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 03/04/2021)

    It is critical that marketers maintain the abilty to target users based on how they are profiled.  Google cannot fully control the ability of marketers to do this via direct deals and replaceent technologies that other AdTech leaders are working on.  to the comment about losing targeting is OK since we can direct ads based on context, that is not a substitute!  The work I did with the Mobile Marketing Association on targeting the Movable Middles shows that this segment delivers FIVE TIMES the ROAS of those not in that segment.  There is no way that context-based ad placement can replace that benefit

  • What Is A Brand? by Kaila Colbin (Media Insider on 12/18/2020)

    very good thought piece!  to add to this...Larry Light...a brand is the source of the promise.  Kevin Lane his paper on the multidimensionalty of brand knowledge (it gets at the same thing this commentary raises.) Pat Hanlon...a brand is a belief system that attracts a community of believers.  to this I would add, thinking with a behavioral economics hat, "a brand is a simplifying heuristic".

  • Facebook Fails To Prevent PACs From Lying In Ads by Wendy Davis (PolicyBlog on 09/24/2020)

     There is a fine line between fact-checking and censorship and I am in favor of facebook erring on the side of not becoming censors for political correctness.  In this particular case, the Washington Post agrees that Biden supports free healthcare for undocumented immigrants so fact-checking is certainly not an objective science.

  • Why Netflix Will Never Become Ad-Supported by Joe Mandese (Video Insider on 07/16/2019)

    totall agree with Ed.  The value of what Netflix knows about consumer entertainment profiles is enorous to advertisers. Why would they leave this on the table? Once the rise in subscriptions stalls, they would have to consider a two tiered model of ad free vs. ad supported.  In fact, industry reports are that Hulu subscriptions are 70% ad supported.

  • Duration Weighting Shouldn't Be Controversial. What We Do With It Could Well Be by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 06/24/2019)

    I am struggling to find one thing that duration weighting makes better.  it is a horrible equivalency between ad units of different time duration as no MTA model ever gives relative effectiveness as magically being the same as reative duration.  Media is not "4 quarters for a buck" type of equivalency although duration weighting seems to want it to work that way.  15"-s are not half as effective as 30"-s on TV. 6"-s are not 40% as effective as 15"-s Pricing will reflect that and units will NOT be priced proportional to time.  It also screws up the reach and frequency we will get fractional calculations that differ from nominal ones and it is likely that Duration weighted reach will actually make reach curves MORE discrepant with sales outcomes. So what problem is duration weighting solving? I am at a loss.

  • Ad Execs Say They're Unaware, Don't Understand New 'Duration-Weighted' Ad Impression Standard by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/17/2019)

    Duration weighting is a VERY BAD IDEA.  It assumes the effectiveness of media is directly related to the length of time someone is watching a video ad.  that is a profoundly bad assumption as there are studies that repeatedly show that a 6" video ad can out-perform a 15" ad.  Furthermore, even on TV 30s are not twice as effective as 15s.  So what problem are we trying to fix and only making it worse?

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