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Thom Kennon

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Post-advertising business militant. Founder at #FreeRadicals. Passes go, maker of human media. Slave adjunct. Failing poet. Views all mine.

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  • Radical Marketing In A Post-Advertising World in Marketing Daily on 07/02/2014

    Our industry has already entered a post-advertising era of brand and product marketing. We are in its infancy and barely edging out across its shifting frontier, but what's emerging is a radically responsive brand marketing based upon a provocative new reality.

  • A Space With a Name  in Mobile Marketing Daily on 03/15/2012

    There's a solid argument to be made that ICANN 43 was the conference to be at this spring as the sun poises to rise on what could be the most fundamental remaking of the interwebs since, well, the birth of the commercial Web in the early 90s.

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  • 'The New Republic' Removes Op-Ed About Buttigieg After Homophobic Accusations by Rob Williams (Publishing Insider on 07/16/2019)

    Hi Rob,I dig your punchline and closing reco. If TNR aint the place to shake shit up wtf else we gonna hang?...Also - too weird excuse from Lehmann re "largely intended as satire". I think, as a form, satire is an on/off button, not a dial.thxThom 

  • 'Atlantic' EIC Goldberg Sparks Outrage Over Sexist Quote by Kurt Abrahamson and Rob Williams (Publishing Insider on 06/10/2019)

    Weird it took two white males to write just a 500 word whitewash puff piece to a white male in trouble for just doing and saying what white males in power do. Bad math everywhere, yo...

  • Facebook Caught Scraping 1.5 Million Users' Contacts by Wendy Davis (PolicyBlog on 04/18/2019)

    Yeah, but it's not a "privacy snafu" - it's their business model. Their only snafus are getting caught.

  • App Ad Spend Forecast To Hit $13 Billion By 2020 by Gavin O'Malley (Mobile Insider on 12/20/2018)

    God I wish you guys didnt rewrap these selfserving PR releases with faux research "projections" as meaninful editorial. Sorry. I know you got a hole to fill and these pieces make it easier, but still. The programmatic ecosystem is criminally opaque and sustaining blind increased investments into this blackhole is draining $s away from the actual value marketing brands should be doing. Y'know what I mean?... 

  • 63% Prefer VR To Visiting Physical Store: Study by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 12/16/2018)

    And to your question and point Doug, yes - you can bet the screener, the stimulus AND the analysis were all rigged to tilt the table towards "winner" for "VR".

  • 63% Prefer VR To Visiting Physical Store: Study by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 12/16/2018)

    Doug's right. This is criminally self-serving bullshit "research" meant to feed the lie about their rosey chances for their failed bet on VR ever paying off. This is a shareholder stunt. Please don't play along.

  • Facebook Chooses Policed Platform Over Profits by Gavin O'Malley (Digital News Daily on 11/02/2017)

    Not sure how you even write a story like this - never mind the kneeslapping hed - without ironic howls throughout. First of all, of course FB would never do anything to "sacrifice profits". They're a public company.  Even admen scribes - make that especially admen scribes - know there's only one audience FB cares about. Shareholders. The only thing Zuckerberg is "serious about" is profitability and earnings. If a little head-feint towards "security" (this isn't about security btw...) and vague talk about "policing" keep the regulatory wolves at bay, he continues to achieve his goals. People are his product, not his customers. The businesses and orgs he sells adspace to are his customers. He'll never "seriously" turn down taking money from any but the most publicly egregious of the lot. A low bar, that gets lower, not higher, every day, PR videos like this one notwithstanding.

  • Augmented Reality Set To Overtake VR by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 10/27/2017)

    I dunno John. I was once as hopeful. Then I started reading lots and lots of Deleuze. "Real" aint.

  • Augmented Reality Set To Overtake VR by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 10/27/2017)

    Not sure who Digi-Capital is or how they run their analysis but bravo to them for their report. This has been obvious to many for a while. VR will NEVER enjoy more than niche growth because its use case is inherently unsocial. It's an immersive aka alienating individual experiece lacking all the sharability, community and scalable social distribution of other successful new technology kit. Key ingredients which led to the exponential adoption and shared additiction gained by breakout tech innovations like games, social networks, music/video services etc. Also: we still look like vulnerable clueless idiots with the headsets on. ;)   

  • What Is A Millennial? by Norty Cohen (Marketing Insider on 10/17/2017)

    Astonished to still find marketeers talking - as though seriously - about "milllennials". No actual planner worth their perilously fragile gig econony blended hourly would ever write this word in a brief. If they did, their thinking would be tossed back in their face by any savvily embattled creative director worth their Citibike annual fee. For anyone who has been paying attention to how we get and keep customers via branded communications lately, our audience targeting definitions have almost zero to do with age, rather they include a mix of attitudinal, psychographic and behavioral/contextual keys.I only complain infrequently anymore, but, well damnit, it's a shame that up-and-coming marketeers read this shit and believe it's real and actionable.

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