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Andrew Stark

Member since February 2016Contact Andrew

  • Senior Vice President, Content Division PulsePoint
  • Belvedere Tiburon California
  • 94920 USA

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  • Educating vs. Advertising: How To Be A Trusted Resource, Build Relationships in Marketing Insider on 02/08/2018

    Speaking with someone is more effective than speaking at them. The same is true for marketing; it is always better to engage your audience by sharing useful information as opposed to simply showing a concept and hoping for a positive reaction. Ultimately, this is the main premise behind content marketing: creating a meaningful connection which serves as a foundation for a lasting relationship.

  • Why Political Candidates Should Start Thinking Like Content Marketers in Marketing: Politics on 02/17/2016

    Campaigns today can look a lot like modern businesses, leveraging the latest technology and data to increase their efficiency and ROI. As political decision-making has moved from smoke-filled backrooms to social media and cable news, politicians, like businesses, need to think strategically about their brand perception and how they can best move people through their funnel.

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