Daily Online Examiner Editions for September 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Sept. 30, 2016
AT&T Pulls Plug On Pay-For-Privacy Pricing
Viacom Defends Nick.com Privacy Practices, Asks Judge To Toss Lawsuit
'The Revenant' Uploader Ordered To Pay $1.1 Million
Marketers Still Smarting Over Facebook Measurement Slip
ANA Presses For Details Of Plan To Replace Cable Box With Apps
Half Of Copyright Investigations Involve Kodi Boxes And Illegal Streaming
Two-Thirds Of Employees Use Social Media At Work
Open Rights Group Says Marketers' Misuse Of Data Is 'Worrying'
GDPR Is Inevitable -- Email Marketers Should Rejoice, Then Repermission
New Facebook Ad Campaign Will Urge Consumer To Stream Live Video
The Influence Of Social Media On Election 2016
Botnet Attack Uses Connected Home Webcams
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016
FCC Postpones Vote On Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
No One Will Admit The Biggest Problem With Internet Advertising
Turn, Verizon Battle Users Over 'Supercookies'
Social Net For Tweens, 'Jet.me,' Launches
New Hampshire Can't Ban Ballot Selfies
AT&T Exec Argues Against Tough Privacy Rules For Broadband Carriers
ANA Slams Facebook For Lack Of 'Transparency,' Calls For Audit
Russian Hackers Could be Behind Yahoo Data Breach
Microsoft Users Complain of Email Outage
New Twitter Owner Will Face Challenge Of Kicking Out The Trolls
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016
FTC Presses For Power To Sue Internet Service Providers
Twitter Takes Down Skittles Image Posted By Trump Jr.
The Fashion Business Dresses Down Bloggers
Kid-Friendly Messaging Platform Jet Hopes To Propel Safe Conversations With Children
Fireside Chat With ANA Chair Tony Pace
74% Of Millennials Would Use More IoT Devices If Confident In Security
T-Mobile Customers Keep 'Binge On' Activated
Mystery Apple Device With NFC, Bluetooth Passes Through FCC
FBI Directors Says Agency Looked Hard for Obstruction of Justice
Fresno State Warns About Spam Outbreak
News Corp., Yahoo Japan Invest In AppNexus
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
Lawmakers Slam Yahoo Over Delay In Disclosing Data Breach
German Regulator Orders Facebook To Stop Mining WhatsApp Data
Media Researchers May Need To Onboard Privacy Controls To Avoid Matching Respondent Identities
New California Law Requires Amazon's IMDb To Censor Actors' Ages
Twitter Defies Turkish Court
Disney May Bid For Twitter, Too
Affiliate Marketing Network Responsible For 'Fake News' Sites, Appeals Court Says
Test Case To Rule On Legality of Kodi Free Streaming Box
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Sept. 26, 2016
Judge Won't Throw Out Privacy Lawsuit Over Gmail
I-Dressup Leaks Teen Girls' Log-In Data
Yahoo Sued Over Massive Data Breach
Frontier Sued For False Advertising
Information Commissioner Promises Serious Questioning Of Yahoo Over Data Breach
Digital Marketing Trade Body Announces Online Ad Marketplace
Google's New Move: The Way The Cookie Crumbles?
Google Metrics Closes 'Loop' Across Search, TV, YouTube, In-Store
59% Of IoT Gadget Makers Don't Tell Consumers How Their Personal Info Is Used
Social Media In Turmoil
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Sept. 23, 2016
Wireless Carriers Say 'Zero-Rating' Schemes Boost Broadband Adoption
ABC And Yahoo Sued By Father Who Streamed Baby's Birth
Advertisers May Not 'Like" Facebook As Much Now
Mediasmith Drops 4As Membership, Issues 'Client Bill Of Rights'
Publishers Should Love Google And Facebook, Tackle News-Thieving Parasite Start-Ups Instead
Email Blacklisting Can Last Up To Two Weeks, Study Says
AT&T Hinders Google Fiber With New Lawsuit In Nashville
T-Mobile Backs Plan To Replace Cable Boxes With Apps
Security Researchers Warn Of Issues With Home Devices
YouTube Heroes Or Snitches?
IoT Study Finds Devices Emailing Doctors May Breach Data Laws
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016
California's Highest Court To Review Yelp Censorship Order
Location Tracking Growing Up, Brands Looking Beyond Beacons
Privacy Watchdog Faults Harte Hanks, Dropbox And Panasonic
YouTube Leads Facebook, Snapchat Among Teens
Yahoo Says 500 Million Accounts Hacked
Verizon Won't Offer Unlimited Data
Internet-Connected TV Viewing Shows Continued Growth
Tinder Debuts 'Stacks' Voting App
Flickr Closing Commercial Licensing, Royalty Program
Work Email Addresses Threatened When Used for Personal Web Accounts
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016
Internet Commerce Coalition Urges Regulators To Loosen Proposed Privacy Rules
Nashville Lawmakers Pave Way For Google Fiber
Obama Hails Social Media, Warns Against Misuse In Final U.N. Address
ANA Raises Concerns About FCC Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
German Authorities Threaten WhatsApp And Facebook With Legal Action
Researchers Remotely Hack Tesla Model S, Abruptly Brake Moving Car, Open Trunk, Move Seats
Data Breaches Up 15% Worldwide
How Much Google Owes Governments Around The World
YouTube Seeks Community Support With 'Hero's' Program
Yahoo Brings Search Retargeting To Gemini Native Ad Inventory
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016
Mediacom Defends Data Caps, Blasts Netflix
Why Our Brains Are Blocking Ads
Vizio Urges Judge To Throw Out Video Privacy Case
The Key To Transparency Is Technology, Not Just Terms And Conditions
Facebook Sued In India Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy
Millennials Experience High Levels Of Ad Blocking, Piracy
Woman Sues Internet-Connected Vibrator Company Over Data Collection
AOL Chief Vows Open Data Strategy After Union With Yahoo
Email is Favored Tool of Cyber Thieves
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Sept. 19, 2016
Proposed Privacy Rules Will Result In Higher Broadband Fees, CTIA Claims
Twitter Sued By Shareholder
A Quarter Of Brits Fake Vacation Photos Online
Facebook Opposes ACLU, Urges Court To Let Stand 'Hacking' Decision
Cable Group Rebrands As NCTA -- The Internet & Television Association
Facebook Ads Are Still Getting Past Adblock Plus
Microsoft, Google, Yahoo To Block Ads In India Selling Kits To Determine Gender
SS&C Technologies Sued by Clients After Falling for Email Scam
Most Companies Have Been Hit by Cyber Attack: Lloyd's of London
'Skinny TV' Packages No Pay-TV Panacea
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