Email Marketing Daily Editions for June 2017
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 30, 2017
MxHero Integrates With Box Governance To Protect Email Content
Malware Attack Aimed Largely At Industrial Targets
GoDaddy Resolves Email Hardware Issue
FTC May Pull Back On Can-Spam And Other Rules
UK Retail Chain Will Delete Email List And Stop Using The Channel
Couponing In The Digital Age
Return Path CMO Advises Marketers To 'Cut Through The Noise'
Playing Games With Unsubscribers Is Becoming Increasingly Risky
Publications Can Use Email Instead of Paywalls To Drive Subs
End Of An Era: The 'Big Scary Chief Creative'
Here's Proof: Gmail Really Is The Top Email Service
GDPR And Digital Transformation Pose Major Post-Brexit Hurdles
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 29, 2017
Microsoft Acquires Cloudyn
Salesforce Can Now Help You Tell If Emails Are Nasty
Wimbledon Serves Up AI With IBM
Tips For Retailers On How To Avoid Unsubscribes Launches, Takes On Litmus
AA Suffers Email Crash
BlueVenn And Adestra Partner On Targeted Email Campaigns
The Three-Mile Journey To Email ROI
Sigstr Unveils Account-Based Marketing Email Feature
Video Visionaries: IEEE GlobalSpec Serves Animation In New Email Newsletter
Barracuda Networks Debuts AI-Based Security Product
Offers And Brand Image Drive Email Conversions
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Email Provider Blocks Cyber Attacker's Email Address
Could Your Old Emails Still Pose A Security Threat?
DOJ Asks SCOTUS To Toss Lower Court Ruling On Email Privacy
Yahoo Rolls Out An Upgraded Yahoo Mail
Less Than 1% Of UK Charities Are Safe From Email Fraud
How To Write Subject Lines that Get Your Email Opened
Postmates Fuels Email With Appboy Solution
The Three Email Ingredients For ROI
Are They Kidding? Survey Shows Small Businesses Prefer Social Over Email
Email's Secret Formula -- Trust, Convenience, And Most Of All, Good Deals
Are Your Goals Smart Enough? 4 Ways To Find Out
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 27, 2017
FTC To Review CAN-SPAM Rules
MailCoach Takes On Unroll.Me, Launches In Beta
Four Steps To Revolutionize Your Email Marketing
Marketers Are Not Yet Ready For GDPR: Experian Study
Dallas Startup Offers App That Moves Email Data To Cloud
Google Deserves No Thanks For Calling Time On Spying
Amazon Relies on Leadership Principles to Drive Email Program
Tough Luck For AT&T Email Users: They're Losing Access To Tumblr
Europe Hit By Staggering Ransomware Attack
Cisco Teams Up With McAfee To Bolster Email Security Platform
How To Create a Micro-Influencer Email Campaign -Before Black Friday
Women More Likely To Check Email Deals When Shopping
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 26, 2017
Timyo Combats Email Fatigue Through Context
Will FTC Loosen Rules On Unwanted Email?
MessageGears Raises $2.75 Million In New Financing
UK Parliament Hit With Cyber Attack; Email Accounts Compromised
31 Guides On Everything From Email To Social Media
Your Web Site's Role In Addressing Tricky Segments
Consumers Mull Discounts And Brand Rep When Buying By Email: Report
Sly Google Recants: Search Giant Will No Longer Scan Email Content
Still Not Convinced About Personalised Emails?
Email Shows Massive Growth In Salesforce Report
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 23, 2017
The Email Fault: Addresses Are The Most Vulnerable Data Point, Survey Finds
Google To Stop Scanning Gmail To Target Ads
Email Scams Were The Most Costly Frauds In 2016: Report
Personalization Is Key To Improving ROI For Email Marketing: Report
MailChimp Looks Beyond Email: An Interview With Ben Chestnut
X2Engine Upgrades CRM Software, Offers New Email Capabilities
GOP Candidate Still Fundraising By Email Despite Loss
ON24 Integrates Webinar Engagement Data With CRM Systems
What The Presidential Race Tells You About Email Marketing
Voxcare, An Email Newsletter, Sells Out Ad Slots as Health Debate Rages
Repermissioning Is The New Norm -- Top Lawyer Tells All On GDPR
Author Chris Brogan Goes Against The Email Grain
Is Your Email Font Making You Look Like A Sociopath?
Which UK Supermarkets Are Leading, And Failing, On Opt-In?
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 22, 2017
Email Grows, But Personalization Remains A Challenge: Study
Best Practices For Email Authentication
New Phishing Scheme Mimics Airline Emails
Swrve Expands From Mobile To Email
GoDaddy Debuts SMB Email Service In India
Email Skills Rated Highly By B2B Tech Marketers: Study
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Email
Email Marketing Started 40 Years Ago: Where Does It Go From Here?
Collateral Damage: Minimizing the Impact of Cyberattacks
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Sender Of Fraudulent Emails Cops A Plea; Faces 10 Years
Email Joins The Multichannel Pack: Q&A With eRelevance CEO Bob Fabbio
QwkBuy And SendGrid Partner On One-Step Email Shopping
How To Get Instagramers To Follow Your Email List
Alternatives To Giving Away Product For Sign-Ups
Common Mistakes Stop Your Emails From Succeeding
Separate eMail Account For Brand Communications
ROI Means Email Beats Social And Paid Search Every Time
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Fear Of Advertising: Consumers Dislike Online Ads, But They Value Email
Study: Email Marketing Up 83% Since 2015, With Growth In B2B, B2C Markets
GOP Data On Voters Was Exposed For 12 Days: Los Angeles Times
Reputation Is Critical For Email Deliverability
Google Partners With Monster And Facebook For Email Job Alerts
Gravity4 Unveils Mona Lisa, AI Digital Assistant
Don't Blame Email: Give Your Customers A Multichannel Experience
Stackla Premieres Co-Pilot, New Machine-Learning Feature
Restaurants Hit With New Email Phishing Attacks
Outlook For Mac 2016 Comes With Email Tracking Feature
Online Shoe Site M.Gemi Opens Store, Gets Cash Infusion
Using Analytics To Get More Actionable Data
Content Marketers Not Yet Using AI, Survey Shows
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 19, 2017
Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard Resigns to Work in VC: Reports
Carlson Rented Daily Caller Email List to Trump Campaign: Probe
Uber Emails Formers Riders To Admit It Has Fallen Short
Industrial Firms Hit With Wide-Ranging Email Phishing Campaign
Mike Pence's Private Email Account Costs Indiana $100,00 For Lawyers
Startup Protects Teens By Analyzing Email And Social Messages
Expert Evaluates Email Outreach Tools Like Milkshake And Quickmail
U. of Alabama Fan Agrees To Drop Coca-Cola Texting Suit
Gmail Extends Kiwi App To Windows
Orlando Chooses Microsoft For Email-Cloud Services
Is Personalisation In Email Really Possible?
Naked Emails: Report Says Tracking Of Receipt Is On The Rise
Broadband Privacy Bill Unveiled In California
Segmentation And Automation Are The Antidote To 'Spray And Pray'
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