Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for December 2019
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Dec. 30, 2019
Are All Disruptor Execs Dirt Bags?
Holiday Update: Sales Rise 3.4%, Amazon Claims Alexa Blowout
In Surprise Move, Amazon Expands Free Returns
Ecommerce Holiday Haul: Sales Grew By Double Digits
Tecovas Debuts 'Official Shoe' Campaign
Man Sentenced For Email Scam That Defrauded Facebook, Google
Taking A Risk On Email: Is There Room For A Startup?
Less Malware But More Email Criminality In 2020: Report
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Dec. 23, 2019
Beauty Brands Winning Through Experiential Marketing
Hearts Are Broken And Mended In First GiftNow Campaign
Tiffany Haddish Plays Gifting Adviser In Groupon Holiday Spots
Facebook To Run Its First Super Bowl Ad
Stock Image Firm Now Lets Brands Sponsor Images
Firms Distrust Their Cybersecurity Vendors: Study
Spam Scam Wham: Email And Phone Are The Main Delivery Channels, Study Asserts
Consumers Demand Honesty, Transparency Of Influencers, Study Finds
Ecommerce Intel: What Brands Are Planning For 2020
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Dec. 16, 2019
Tracking Consumers' Changing Views on D2C Brands
Prescriptions, Subscriptions Unleash Growth At Chewy
Your Brand Needs A Gender Shakeup
Amid Changing Perception, Amazon Dials Up Cause-Related Charm
Brands Should Mind Timing When Sending Releases
A New Frenemy: The Amazon Calculus
360-Degree Personalization Is a Strategy, Not a Tactic
In Brands We Trust: Why Consumers Open Mails
Holiday Humbug: What Leads To Returns, And How Email Can Help
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Dec. 9, 2019
What The Peloton Backlash Says About The D2C Universe
With Nordstrom Pop-Up, Glossier Tackles Digital's Biggest Drawback
Amazon Enlists Robert Downey Jr. For Philanthropic Effort
360-Degree Personalization Is a Strategy, Not a Tactic
Litmus Unveils Data-Driven Email Testing Service
Study: SMS Outpulled Email During Black Friday
4 Branding Design Trends Set to Dominate 2020
526,000 Drones To Ship Next Year: Gartner
Study Finds Gen Zers Search-Savvy, Influenced By Social Media
Drop-Dead Deals: Most Consumers Will Open Emails With Holiday Discounts, Study Finds
Ex-Employees: Keep Away From This Company
Why Stock-Buying App Robinhood Is In Trouble
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Dec. 2, 2019
Denim's Race For Best Digital Fit
Thanksgiving Day Online Retail Sales Topped $4B, Email's Share At 9.4%: Adobe
Cyber Cyclone: Online Sales Hit New Weekend Highs
Brand Authenticity, Transparency Outweigh Sustainability
Online Sales Are Up And Email Is Helping
Small Business Snapshot: Email Still Leads
Killing Black Friday: Security Firm Warns Of Holiday Email Scams
A Green New Deal For Email? Study Shows Environmental Harm
Recreating The Impulse Buy Online
The Dangers Of Misaddressed Emails