Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for October 2019
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019
Twitter Bans Political Ads: Says Political Speech Should Be 'Earned, Not Bought'
Facebook Should Reject 'Demonstrably False' Political Ads, Sen. Warner Says
Facebook Agrees To $643,000 Fine To Settle Privacy Investigation In U.K.
Trump Cancels Newspaper Subscriptions, Some TV Networks May Be Next
Adland Welcomes UK Election -- But Will It Give Brexit Clarity?
Over 1.1 Billion Americans Can't Be Wrong, Yext Spokesman Todd Munion Is One Of Them
Study: Americans Trust Local Above National News
Via Agency Wins JFK Library Foundation Creative Assignment
Other Than That, Mrs. Trump, How Was The Game?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019
Well, Congresswoman, I Think Lying Is Bad
Trump Campaign Sued Over Text Messages
'Washington Examiner,' 'TheBlaze' Continue Conservative News Site Gains
The White House To Cancel 'New York Times,' 'Washington Post' Subscriptions
White House's Cancellation of 'NYT,' 'WaPo' Is Futile
Tulsi Gabbard Lacks Grounds To Sue Over Ad Suspension, Google Says
Facebook Asks Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Robo-Texting Law
Facebook Protect Program Adds Security To Political Accounts
Some Advertisers See Loopholes In California Privacy Law
This Election, Canucks Have Been 'Zucked'
Facebook Can Fight Fake News -- What About Fake Politicians?
'Fortune' Was Right To Keep Kirstjen Nielsen At Women's Summit
Trump Branding Put On Ice At New York Skating Rinks
Politically Driven Websites Fill News Void Of Weakened Press
Those 'Bad Boys' Won Brexit, But The Good Guys Are Winning Google
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019
Whether POTUS Has Read It Or Not, Constitution Sales Surge
Tweeting In The Middle Of Fifth Avenue (And Not Losing Twitter's Vote)
Radical Honesty: The Only Way Forward
Facebook Tries To Justify Running False Political Ads
New U.S. Army Campaign Asks, 'What's Your Warrior?'
YouTube's Stance On Violent Trump Video Alarms Journalists
Warren Takes On Facebook's No-Fact-Check Policy
Reddit To Warn Congress Against Weakening Websites' Legal Protections
How Media -- And Politics -- Can Be A Matter Of Perspective
Impeachment Inquiry Spurs Podcasts, Newsletters
LeBron Under Fire For Criticizing Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Protests
Study Finds Channel Disconnect Between Donors And Nonprofits
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019
It's Still The Economy, Stupid, But Climate Surges As Consumer Concern
Brand Greta
Trump Administration, RNC Ramp Up Anti-Impeachment, Congressional Race Ad Spend
Why Social Media Influence On The 2020 Election Will Look A Lot Like 2016
Presidential Tweets Reveal 'Whistleblower' Spike, Reach New Heights
The Media Math Behind Russian Meddling
Constructing The Perfect Democratic Candidate
Conservative Site 'The Dispatch' Targets Trump-Critical Conservatives
The Difference Between Right-Wing And Left-Wing Media Brain
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019
Americans Feel Social Media Has Too Much Control Over News, Especially Republicans
Kantar: Trump Campaign Spending Heavily On Social Media
Trump's Impeachment: Biggest Media Showdown Of All Time?
Report: News Outlets Are Among Most Politically Polarizing Brands
What Will Fox News Channel Look Like Post-Trump?
Facebook CEO Has Fightin' Words For Elizabeth Warren
Has Boris Been Gaming Google?