Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for March 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Russia Vs. Ukraine Vs. Smith Vs. Rock
QAnon Members Urge Appeals Court To Revive Claims Against YouTube
Chris Wallace Confirms Fox News' Politics Drove His Decision To Leave
Citing War, Magna Revises 2022 Ad Outlook Down 1.5 Points
Justice Department Backs Antitrust Bill Targeting Large Tech Platforms
Biden Proposes $139 Million Funding Increase For FTC
Fox News Only News Net To Show YOY Growth, Leads In Prime
Ukraine Has Enough Glory, Now It Needs Sustained, Coordinated Aid
Google Announces $35M Support For Ukraine
Netflix To Open Regional Hub In Warsaw
Merkle To Fund Salesforce Training Of 60 Refugees, Plans To Hire Them
The News Cycle, Our Attention Span -- And That Oscar Slap
Long Time Coming -- EU, U.S. Deal To Improve Transatlantic Data Flow
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 23, 2022
The Medium Is The Madness
Watchdog Breaks Outdoor Buy Targeting Fox News Advertisers, Asserts Channel Is 'Kremlin Approved'
ANA Members Increase Efforts Against Russia, For Ukraine
Zelensky: From 'Servant of the People' To Man Of Destiny
The Lincoln Project's New Platform To Fight Authoritarianism
Millions Spent In Advertising Related To Ukraine To Reach Consumers
New TikTok Users See Misinformation On War In Ukraine Minutes After Joining Platform
Congress Urged To Ban Behavioral Targeting Of Minors
More Locally Based TV News Businesses Seeking A Bigger National TV Footprint
David Mamet Backs Texas Ban On Social Media 'Censorship'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, March 18, 2022
Creativity Goes To War
Putin Meets His Match, Turns Out He's On Tinder
As Russia's Internet Goes Dark, Publishers, Media Find Workarounds To Reach Citizens
Omnicom Confirms It Is Withdrawing From Russia
Netflix Brings Back Comedy Starring Ukraine's Zelensky
Cover Story: Time's Tale Of Two Ukraines
Can We Trust Content Creators Fighting The TikTok War?
Big Agencies In Discussion To Rate Credibility Of Ad-Supported Podcasts
Brand Safety And The 'Mainstreaming' Of Podcasting
David Mamet Backs Texas Ban On Social Media 'Censorship'
Search Expert Develops Rating System To Help Advertisers Buy Trusted Media
Basis Technologies Partners With NOBL Media To Stop Ads From Running On Russian Propaganda Sites
Salesforce Sued To Prevent January 6 Subpoena Compliance
Facebook Urges Court To Reject States' Request To Revive Antitrust Claims
Clearview Says Current Facial-Recognition Practices Exempt From Illinois Privacy Law
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Spinning The Unspinnable
Americans More Cognizant Of Nuclear War Coverage, Many Say It Normalizes It
Founder Of UkraineDAO Relief Effort Invests in Women, LGBTQ+ Artists
Imagine An Ad Pro Who Felt So Moved He Created This Spot For Ukraine
Same War, Different World?
Big Brands' Ads Still On Sanctioned Russian Bank Site: Report
TikTok, Netflix Join Major News Networks In Russian Withdrawal
Nyet To Stolichnaya, Yes To Stoli
Apple Halts Search Ads In Russian App Store, Amazon Web Services Not Accepting New Customers In Russia
The Right DEI Conversation To Have: Celebrating Commonalities, Not Differences
Supreme Court Won't Consider Sex-Trafficking Victim's Claims Against Facebook
Is Ukraine President Sitcom Star -- Or The Leader The World Hopes He Is?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, March 4, 2022
Biden Calls For Children's Privacy Protections, Criticizes Social Platforms
Russia's New Pogrom
Former Fox News Producer Charged With Violating Russian Oligarch Sanctions
Trump's Social Platform Fizzles After Initial Interest
Biden To Call For Ban On Behavioral Advertising To Children
Biden's State Of The Union Address Earns 38.2M Viewers, Highest Since 2019
Chamber Of Commerce Urges Senate To Block Biden Pick For FCC
Twitter Can't Force Texas To Halt Investigation Of Editorial Decisions
Automakers Show Support Of Ukraine
Apple, Ford, Dell, As Well As DirecTV and Roku, Join Russian Retreat
ANA Calls On Members To Support Russian Sanctions, 25% Have Already Cut Media Spending
Biden's FTC And FCC Picks Advance In Senate
WPP Discontinues Operations In Russia
Google, Microsoft Suspend Sales In Russia
Cannes Lions Suspends Russian Entries, Waives Fees For Ukraine Delegates
Ad Council Unveils Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund
Ad Industry Urges Congress To Reject Proposed Ban On 'Surveillance Advertising'