Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for April 2022
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 15, 2022
Voice Search In The Metaverse
Local Digital Ad Spend To Surpass $92B, Budgets Shift From Paid Search To Targeted Banners
Site Search Fixes To Reduce Massive Ecommerce Returns
Hey Siri And Alexa: Make Way For A New Wave Of Branded Voice Assistants
An Inconvenient Truth
Bringing Clarity To The Future Of Multiple Media Currencies
Google Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Over Mapping Services
CTV: Let The Game Ads Begin
Digital Spending And Order Volumes Fell In Q1: Salesforce
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 14, 2022
Financial Impact Of Apple IDFA On Four Companies Greater Than First Estimated
Google Goes Social For Creator Labs Season 6
Rakuten Prepares For Big Give Week To Reward Loyalty
Mobile Ad Growth 'Re-Accelerates,' Reverses 3-Year Downward Trend
Winning in Physical and Digital Retail With the Power of Data
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Marketers Try To Grapple With Future In Cookie-Less World
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 13, 2022
53% Of Survey Participants Say Radio, Podcast Ads Are More Relevant Than Other Media
Brands Revisit Ad Strategies As Inflation Leaps To 8.5%
IAB Tech Lab Updates Ads.txt To Help Buyers Determine Owner, Manager Of Inventory
Responsibility For Ad Quality Differs Depending On Who You Ask
Outbrain Hits $1B In 2021 Revenue - Where Will Its New CMO Take It?
Dentsu Deploys 'Attention Metrics,' Begins Transacting On It
Google And Apple Urge Judge To Toss 'Outlandish' Antitrust Lawsuit
Click Arbitrage Is Alive And Well, Thanks To Automation
Ad Formats Vary In Effectiveness For Mobile Apps
Will 'Attention' Metrics Bring 'Impressions' Reform?
Wayward KPIs: Marketers Are Unsure Whether They Accurately Track Them
Marketing As An 'Original Digital' (OD)
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 12, 2022
DuckDuckGo Debuts First Web Browser
IAB: Digital Ad Revenue Jumped 35% In The U.S. In 2021
OpenWeb Buys Adyoulike For $100 Million To Build A Social Layer
Audigent Presents Cognitive PMP, Partners With Comscore For Its Predictive Audience Segments
Omnicom Media Group Goes Live With Point-Of-Purchase Programmatic Marketplace
Comcast's Ad Sales Unit Effectv Inks Local TV 'Currency' Deal With Comscore
Growth Rate For Digital Ad Revenue Wanes As Recovery Persists
FTC Urged To Crack Down On 'Location Data' Industry
Marketers Are Overwhelmed By Martech, Study Finds
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 11, 2022
Similarities And Differences In Languages Through A Semantic Network
Mother's Day Rituals - What She Really Wants
PacSun Co-CEO Alfred Chang Talks Search And Digital Strategy
Google Rescinds Internships To Students After Learning They Studied In Russia
Brightcom, Intent IQ Partner To Provide ID Targeting For Cookieless Environments
Google Sues Gmail User In Cameroon Over 'Puppy Fraud'
Horizon Unveils 'Polycultural' Segmentation Platform, Will Use As Part Of Its 'Pre-Upfront'
Out-of-Home Ad Spending Rebounds In 2021, Remains 17% Below 2019's High
It's Time to Reset Your Facebook Ad Strategy
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, April 8, 2022
How Google Multisearch -- Combining Text And Image -- Will Change SEO
Microsoft Disrupts Russian Cyberattacks Targeting Ukraine
L'Oreal USA Leads Pinterest Creator Fund, Others To Roll Out Later This Year
Brands Collectively Spent $2.3B In 8 Months To Run Ads On Three Major Retail Sites
3D Ads: Important New Trend -- Or Just Super-Annoying?
The Supply Chain Crisis Broke The Marketing Rules. You Should, Too
Omnicom Media Group To Offer Clients LG Smart TV Ad Inventory
Marketers Are Making Decisions Based On Stale Data: Study
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 7, 2022
Semrush Data Identifies Nuances In Number Of Keywords Per Search
Nextdoor Ads Launch For Small Businesses
Reputation Builds Competitive Analysis Platform Using Unstructured Data
Consumers Find Things To Do Offline, Rather Than On Social Media
Dentsu Quietly Dissolves 360i's Media Ops: Now Handled By Carat, iProspect, Dentsu X
Google Battles Texas AG Over Pixel Radio Ads
Apparel Retailer PacSun Taps Tinuiti As Paid Media Agency Of Record
Pinterest Cracks Down On Climate Change Misinformation
Supreme Court Urged To Revive Claims Against Google Over Terrorist Attack
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Google Bans Apps With Hidden Data-Harvesting Software
eBay: Why Recommerce Is Becoming A Thing
Havas Group Acquires Search Laboratory, Secures Place In Cookieless Future
InMobi Adds Asia-Pacific Region To Its Mobile Ad Inventory Options
Dentsu Endorses 'Intrinsic' Time-In-View Attention Metric
Amazon Captures Bigger Portion Of Higher-Spending Advertisers
Discovery Dubs EDO 'Preferred' Measurement For Upfront Deals
Advertising Applications For Artificial Intelligence Are Multiplying
GroupM Benchmarks AI-Enabled Ad Spending At $370B, Projects $1.3T By 2032
Salesforce Unveils Service, Marketing Cloud Enhancements Driven By AI
Waiting For FDA Guidelines On CBD Marketing? What You Can Do Now
How Marketers Can Drive Privacy-Centered Growth
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Amazon Could Become Your Next Internet Provider, Ad Gatekeeper
Microsoft Advertising To Roll Out RSA Open Beta Ad Customizers
Incubeta's Acquisition Of Extendo Strengthens Foothold In Latin America, Ties With Google
Pharmaceutical, Retail Replace Automotive, Beauty As Top Ads At 2022 Grammys
GroupM Benchmarks AI-Enabled Ad Spending At $370B, Projects $1.3T By 2032
How Marketers Can Drive Privacy-Centered Growth
Red And Blue Algorithms: Study Finds Political Bias In How Major ESPs Decide What Spam Is
New York International Auto Show Returns, Focuses On EVs
UK Consumers Demand Hyper-Personalization, Study Finds
Google Adds 'Notifications' To App
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, April 4, 2022
iProspect's Newly Appointed Global Chief Client Strategy Officer Identifies With Batman
Google Builds On Web Search For Retail Websites
Microsoft Creates New Android Division To Boost Windows Integration With Google
Consumers Prefer Ads To Paying For Content, Question Whether Online Privacy Exists: Study
M&As Brewing? Data Shows 'Acquisition Strategy' Spiking Among Advertisers, Agencies
Premium Video Ad Views +45% In H2 2021, Roku, Fire TV Lose Share
Eaglemoss Superheroes Battle High CPMS With Branding, Personalization, NFTs
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