iProspect's Newly Appointed Global Chief Client Strategy Officer Identifies With Batman

As a huge Batman fan, iProspect’s newly appointed global chief client strategy officer Josh Dwiggins loves that the superhero does not have superpowers, but can always achieve success through hard work, discipline and dedication.

Dwggins brings 22 years of experience, most recently from Publicis’ Performics. He spent time at Reprise Media, JobScience, and Financial Visions, supporting large companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and Toyota, but began his career in media at CDG as a lead web developer and programmer.

Inside Performance: You began your career as a web developer. What prompted the change to do what you do today?
Dwggins:  I absolutely love web development and design but being in the Bay Area I knew early on that AdTech would be the backbone of the internet and businesses. I was fortunate enough to have a friend in the space and joined Reprise Media. At the time, it focused on paid search and SEO. I gravitated toward search as it was a form of advertising that was nonintrusive and delivered on exactly what consumers were actively seeking.



IP:  In high school, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Dwggins:  I wanted to be an animator. I had a passion for drawing and a love for movies and comics.

IP:  What is the best piece of advice anyone gave you, and from whom did it come?
Dwggins:  Be the hardest worker in the room, be compassionate and treat every day like it is your first day on the job. My parents not only gave me that advice but showed me that every day.

IP: What is the role of a chief client officer?

Dwggins:  To deliver on the value proposition and to meet and exceed client expectations. To help guide our clients and teams through an ever-changing media landscape and to set a future vision, north star for continued success by embracing the intersection of data, tech, culture and media.

IP:  How many people report to you, and if you could sit down with all, what would you tell them that they didn't know about you?

Dwggins:  I have three for now. I would talk to them about the most important things to me, such as my family. I will let them know how my wife, daughter and son spend our time, where we travel to, the sports they play and that I coach and our hobbies.

IP:  What is your biggest business goal this year?
Dwggins:  Within iProspect and across dentsu, our goal is to become the most integrated network in the world. Bring brand and performance media together to deliver the most efficient returns for our clients’ media dollars and provide relevant experiences for consumers.

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