Social Media & Marketing Daily Editions for August 2016
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016
GOP Bows Social Media Campaign Targeting Hispanics
Digital Engagement Index
Controversial Social Network Tsu Shutters
Pinterest Adds Promoted Video To Arsenal
Snapchat's Problems? Hard To Measure
Will Social Sites Overwhelm YouTube?
Facebook Fights Back
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016
Social Media Reflects Racial Divide
Twitter Suffers Stagnant Growth Forecast
The Arms Race In Ad-Block Land
Olympic TV Sponsors Fail To Gain Search, Social Ad Success
Twitter Invites Brands To Play With #Stickers
Google+ Hangouts Users Pushed To YouTube Live, Service To Be Shuttered
Visualizing Digital Performance For 1,800 Brands
Sony Pictures First To Use New Snapchat Feature
Digital Engagement Index
Combatting Ad-Blocking With Authentic Consumer Content
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 15, 2016
Twitter Growth Forecast Slides
Social Media Underperforms At Rio Olympics
Digital Engagement Index
Instagram Stories Off To Good Start
Pinterest Introduces Auction-Based Bidding
Twitter Scores With Live-Stream Sports
Social Robot Delayed; New Doorway To Advertising Waits
Back To School For Millennial Moms
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 12, 2016
UK Regulator Warns Influencers On Social Media Ads
Facebook Shutting Down FBX: Everything You Need to Know
Digital Engagement Index
Social Media Influencer Cheats Feel The Long Arm Of.... The Postman
Facebook's Anti-Ad-Blocking Move Signals It's Time To Get Personal
Adblock Plus Strikes Back At Facebook
Act-On Software Unveils Social Platform, Integrates With Email
Pinterest Debuts Auction System For Ads
Social Celebrities Warned About Undeclared Advertising
Adblock Plus Has Already Developed A Facebook 'Workaround'
Facebook Ads Can Still Be Blocked, Adblock Plus Says
Facebook Rolls Out Code To Nullify Adblock Plus' Workaround
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016
No, Twitter Is Not Shutting Down
Digital Engagement Index
Why Twitter Can't Curb Trolls
Doner Helps Scare Up Viewers For Netflix's 'Stranger Things'
Burberry Becomes First Luxury Brand To Get Personal On Pinterest
Trump Tweets Angry On Android, Calming On Staffer's IPhone, Researcher Claims
P&G To Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads
Facebook Unveils Enhanced Video Metrics, Promising Publishers Deeper Audience Dive
Facebook's Ad-Block Strategy Might Alienate Consumers, But Platforms Will Replicate The Plan Anyway
Facebook's Ad-Blocker Bust Is Much Ado About Nothing
Cultural Relevance Will Be Key To Connecting With Hispanics Via VR
The Story On Stories: Snapchat Vs. Instagram
P&G Steps Away From Targeted Ads On Facebook -- Why?
Clinton Dominates Digital, Fundraising, Does Trump Have The Resources To Compete?
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016
Social Media Is Now Universal (Among Young Brits, Anyway)
Goodbye Twitter, Hello Breaking News
Pokemon Go Kicks Off AR
Digital Engagement Index
Twitter Doubles Down On 'Moments'
Ad Tech Reacts To Facebook's Updates On Ad Blocking
NEW! Honda Adds Catvertising To Summer Clearance Campaign
Facebook Announces Plans To Dodge Ad Blockers
Use Content On Social To Grow Email Lists
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016
Heavy Social Media Use Correlated With Lower Math, Reading, Science Skills
Digital Engagement Index
Live Virtual Reality Broadcaster NextVR Gets $80M
Facebook Revamps Ad Policy, Ad Blocking Is History
Wilson's Smart Football: Russell Wilson To Help Launch @IoT Pigskin
Subway Debuts #SearchforBetter Campaign; Updates Logo
BIZ DEV: Mizuno USA Taps Dagger To Create Digital, Social Media Campaigns
The Digital Commerce Landscape
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Monday, Aug. 8, 2016
FTC Tightens Disclosure Rules For Influencers
Digital Engagement Index
Greyhound Looks Back To Move Forward
Camelot Launches Personalised #IAmTeamGB Campaign
Why CPG Brands Are Letting the Games Begin on Social: #Rio2016 Content
Social Media Is A "Must Do" For Enterprise Marketers
First Screen, Second Screen, Olympic Screen
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Friday, Aug. 5, 2016
Millennial Women Will Follow Olympics on Social Media (And TV)
Digital Engagement Index
Ford Launches Olympics-Themed Campaign Featuring Snapchat
Facebook Downgrades Clickbait News Titles in News Feed
Snapchat Celebs Mark Sponsored Ads
Six Million (Really Naughty!) Things You Can Watch On Instagram
Facebook To Cut Back On Clickbait
The Backbone of a Social Brand: People and Their Stories
Don't Tell Millennial Women What To Do
Social Media & Marketing Daily - Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016
Church Of England Issues Social Media Recs
Facebook Draws Businesses With New Pages Sections
Digital Engagement Index
Inside Facebook's Hardware Lab
LinkedIn Pushing Influencer Videos
Church Of England Recommends Slack And Feedly In Digital Advice To Clergy
One In Three Brits Trying To 'Digital Detox', Ofcom Finds
YouTube: How Much Content Is Too Much -- Or Are We Missing The Social Media Point?
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