Twitter Doubles Down On 'Moments'

While it can’t cure all that ails Twitter, the success of Moments has been a source of optimism for the social giant.

To keep the party going, Twitter is expanding Moments to include more influencers, brands, partner publishers -- and, in the coming months, everyone else.

The question is whether or not Twitter can successfully scale a service that has relied on a team of experienced content curators. 

“To date, Moments have been created by our curation team and a select group of publishing partners,” Gaby Peña, product manager at Twitter, admits in a new blog post.

After Jack Dorsey returned as Twitter’s CEO last year, he made it clear that his mission was to refocus the service’s offerings and reach a broader audience.

Under that edict, Twitter debuted Moments so select users could surface timely content in clearly defined blocks. Formerly named Project Lightning, Moments was squarely aimed at the millions of consumers who have yet to embrace Twitter in its existing form.

Critically, Moments doesn’t require users to curate their own feeds by following particular people or publications. Rather, users can browse content by story subject or general topics like “sports” and “entertainment.”

As such, Moments was “just the start of bolder simplification efforts,” begun late last year, Dorsey told analysts on Tuesday.

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