Samsung: New Data Bolster Case For CTV Investment, AVOD View Time Surpasses SVOD

In July 2021, Samsung Ads released a study that concluded that TV advertisers generally should be allocating about 40% of media budgets to ad-supported streaming to minimize overexposure to linear-only homes and achieve optimal advertising parity in homes that stream. 

Now, the smart TV manufacturer’s advertising arm has completed a …

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, September 21, 2022 at 10:24 a.m.

    Again it seems that "homes" and "viewers" are being used interchangeably when the data was  probably based on ACR set usage, not viewing. If I'm wrong on this please correct me.

    Setting that question aside, there's a lot more to media planning than following the "eyeballs"and most if not all of the data we now use is vastly inflated as regards actual exposure to ad messages---people really viewing TV commercials and looking at/reading display ads. I won't go into all of the considerations---program environment, merchandisng, etc. that are at play but one factor is worth noting. When advertisers think about incremental reach attainment they must also weigh the cost of said gains. As a rule, you rarely use high CPM media to add reach to lower CPM media---it usually goes the other way around. And CTV is no bargain basement deal when it comes to CPMs relative to linearTV. So, yes, by all means consider spending more in CTV buys---I'm not against that---but don't do so on a formula basis---think things out and especially, consider the trade-offs. 

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