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The Not-Quite-Naked City
Lifetime television set 160 "Naked" women loose in New York City. Okay, well, they weren't exactly naked. Actually not naked at all. They paraded around the Big Apple by bus and on foot Jan. 3 wearing bathrobes over their seductive winter coats (with hoods, sometimes!) waving their bras and handing out "Happy Nude Year" cards to promote the new reality show How to Look Good Naked hosted by Carson Kressley.» 0 Comments
''Green'' New Shuttered
Magazine editors have it rough. Crotchety by nature and easy prey to the overpriced lunch, they also have the tricky task of pleasing readers and those demanding advertisers with the clenched, er, checkbooks.» 0 Comments
Whole New Ball Game
There are two Super Bowls out there: Who wins and loses on the field and who has the best ad.» 0 Comments
A Little Rain Never Hurt No One
You can lead a mag to water, but you can't make it drink. Parade has brought on a new top editor. And they went straight to the well, poaching Janice Kaplan from TV Guide.» 0 Comments
Super Size Me (Hold the Circ)
My grandparents - who, like their generational peers, flock to voting booths en masse, make you repeat what you just said six or seven times and love a wicked game of Parcheesi - always had a copy of TV Guide in their living room.» 0 Comments
Scan Lines
Under the avalanche of gadget news at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show was a legitimate story: Interactive signage is stepping out of sci-fi and into marketing plans.» 0 Comments
Turn Off, Tune Out
February sweeps might as well be called February Sleeps. A prime-time schedule stuffed with repeats will likely drive television viewers online during the all-important month, says brand and advertising expert Nancy Duitch, CEO of Vertical Branding.» 0 Comments
Hope you Have Really Big Eyes
Prepare to don shades to shield the glare. At CES last month Panasonic unveiled a whopper of a high-def screen - in fact, the largest plasma display panel (PDP) television known to man.» 0 Comments
Greenwashing Machine
Yeah, just about anybody can claim to be eco-friendly, but how much of what passes for sustainable business practice is a load of greenwash?» 0 Comments
New Next: The Real Name Brands
People have been promoted as and acting like brands since the beginning of time, far before brands themselves even existed. From Napoleon's empire to Martha Stewart's, the most exciting corporations around are the actual people who started them.» 0 Comments
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