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Stolen Moments
Are private moments fair game? In the wake of the now infamous media fiesta that is the Tom Cruise Scientology video clip, and the subsequent griping from the Church of Scientology, you might think so.» 0 Comments
Stick It
I had never licked an ad - until now. There is a long history of the appearance of U.S. postage stamps being highly regulated - but to hell with it, we're in the Internet age and stamps can now have all the class of a used car lot.» 0 Comments
Sluggish Sales Scalp Saatchi
One thing you can say about the Wendy's "red wig" campaign is that it wasn't advertising-as-wallpaper. Not so the new ads.» 0 Comments
To Hell and FAQ
Whether you're a jihadist or just a flack trying to quell the flames of the Vytorin crisis, PR can be a dirty job. When the Web site of al-Sahab, al-Qaeda's media arm, asked its users what they'd like to ask Al Queda's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the questions ranged from the vapid to the insipid - so much so that the organization abandoned the idea and took the posts down before answering.» 0 Comments
Surprise Is Make Benefit of Glorious Nation Statistically
Quick: what's the fastest growing ad market in the world? Not China or India. Well, Sascha Baron Cohen killing off his character Borat hasn't hurt this country one bit. Apparently, people are still eager to meet his sister.» 0 Comments
Rolling with my Hombrés
Sundays in the park just got weirder in Mexico City's trendy Condesa neighborhood.» 0 Comments
Get In Line
Nausea-inducing roller coasters, sugary funnel cakes, Vegas-caliber flashing lights... as if Six Flags didn't already have enough to over-stimulate the add generation, the amusement park chain is now gearing up to catch guests' attention in the one place they have left - the queue.» 0 Comments
Belly Bombs
Teletubbies have always creeped me out. I cringe when I see my two-year-old daughter in a trance watching the little critters walking around with TVs on their bloated stomachs. Apparently someone has adopted this as a marketing concept.» 0 Comments
Bonfire of the Vanity Presses
This television season, it's a battle between luxurious fabrics and makeup (yay, feminism!). Who do we blame for shows with titles like Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle?» 0 Comments
New Next: Too Much Aggregation
We're always saying that marketers should be mindful about changes in people's behavior and the way they interact with media. What's hot today might be obsolete or morph into something else in a matter of weeks.» 0 Comments
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