AI & IoT Daily Editions for November 2016
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
$50 Million IMAX Fund Set To Create High Quality VR Content
Wearables Can Be Charged With Body Heat
Amazon Funds 12 University Teams To Make Alexa More 'Social'
Macy's Added VR Headsets For Singles Day Shopping
$35 Million Project Focuses On Creating Smart Campus
' The Martian VR Experience': Out Of This World?
Jaguar's Luxury EV Concept Gets A Hollywood VR Event Reveal
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 14, 2016
Car Of The Future: Ridesharing And Advertising On-The-Go
Home Furnishing Retailer Adds Virtual Reality For Shopping
Google Drone May Deliver Burritos, But Not Starbucks Coffee
Airport Adds Android Beacons To Help Guide Travelers
Social Robot Company Raises $65 Million
Microsoft Debuts Machine Learning To Optimize Content, Ads, Ecommerce
Samsung Pays $8B For Harman's Automotive Connectivity
Shopping 2021: Tech-enabled Hypertargeting For Personal Brand Relationship
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 11, 2016
Google's Tiny Radars Tweaked To Identify Everyday Objects In A Home
Timex Starts Marketing Wearable Fitness Tracker
Garmin Adds Beacon Feature So Bicycles Can Be Tracked
Apartment Building Heat Shut Down By Attack Via IoT Devices
$20 Million Fund Set For Israeli IoT Innovation
A Smart Home Saves Energy
Harman Ads Use Comedy To Explain Wonky Connected Car Technology
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016
The Global IoT: Innovation Centers And Collaboration
Lowe's Adds Augmented Reality For Shopping At Home
Mountain Dew Partners With Fashion Brand For Wearable Tech Clothing
AT&T Readies Details Of Streaming Service, Says Report
Alibaba, Intel Agree To IoT Collaboration
Company Starts Marketing Connected Parking System
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016
Smartphone VR Headset Ownership Projected To Grow 240%
T-Mobile Launching Device To Make Most Any Car 'Connected'
Intel Shows How Drones Can Be Used For Advertising
Cisco Promises To Make The Internet of Things Easier
After Cyber Attacks, Focus Moves To Making Devices Smarter
Facebook Is SO Pumped For The VR Revolution
Let's Talk About VR Porn
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016
Retailers Grasp IoT Value, Along With Internal Obstacles
Samsung Plans AI Personal Assistant For Phones, IoT Devices
L'Oreal Launches Virtual Reality For Hair Stylists
Ford, BlackBerry Team For Car Infotainment
Google Smart Home Hub Seen As Work In Progress
Blippar Brings Self-Service Augmented Reality Tools To Advertisers
Facebook To Deliver Ads Via Roku, Apple TV
Can Samsung Kill Siri?
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Nov. 7, 2016
IoT Dominates Emerging Tech Among Ad Execs, Clients More Bullish Than Agencies
IoT Predictions: Voice Assistants, Smart Home Cameras Take Off
IoT-Device Cyberattacks Expand To Connected Lights, Hacked Via Drone
Staples , IBM Team To Market Connected Ordering Button
Audi Sees Need To Teach Consumers About Autonomous Cars
OTT Growth Spreads Across Services
Google Assisting NFL On YouTube VR Series
Norway Rules Fitness Trackers Break EU Privacy Laws
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Nov. 4, 2016
Virtual Reality Revenue Projected To $38 Billion Long Term
6 Million Smartwatches, 11 Million Fitness Trackers Hit Market
Fitbit Sees Softness In Wearables Market, Lower Sales Seen
TAG Heuer's Marathon Campaign
Google 'Home' Receiving Tepid Reviews
Carluccio's Offers Diners A Table In Italy Via Google Cardboard
NFL Making VR Series For Google's Daydream, YouTube
Why Netflix Is Still The Best Thing Ever
Android Cements World Domination
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016
Top Smartwatch Daily Activities: Fitness Tracking, Notifications
Google, Sony Ready Virtual Reality Products For Holiday Shoppers
'The New York Times' Enhances Daily Reports With 360 Video
Hulu To Launch New TV Streaming Service, Fox And Disney Sign On
Microsoft VR Headset Details Coming In December
Teads Dives Into Haptic Technology Via Test With Immersion
Apple Wins Patent For Bendable Smartphone
Tegna Starts OTT Ad-Selling Company
Internet Creator Says Real Time Data Can be Manipulated to Create Real World Chaos
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016
202 Million 'Connected' Appliances Projected; Fridge Seen As Hub Of Smart Kitchen
IoT Connections Forecast To Top 1 Billion In 4 Years
Hormel Markets Bacon With Virtual Reality
Tag Heuer Introduces Connected Watch To Compete With Apple
Lenovo Launches First Google Augmented Reality Phone
Toyota Debuts Smartphone-Enabled Car-Sharing Program
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