AI & IoT Daily Editions for May 2017
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Consumers Want AI Digital Assistants To Have Female Voice And A Personality
Samsung Launching Operating System For Smart Appliances
The Haves/Have Nots Of Streaming TV Services
Apple Acquired AI Startup Lattice Data For $200M
Google Testing Android In Audis, Volvos
Google Integrates Android OS In Cars: Partners With Audi, Volvo
Half Of Paid Searches Voice Activated By 2020
The New Language(s) Of Marketing
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, May 15, 2017
15-City Virtual Reality Tour Launched To Promote New Alien Movie
OmniVirt, Jaunt Partner To Extend VR Ad Campaign Reach
Lyft And Waymo Will Be Sharing Rides
LiveWorld Paves The Way For Brand, Consumer Connection Through Chatbots
Behind The Hype: Is Amazon Go As Revolutionary As Everyone Thinks?
Over-The-Top, Ad-Supported Tubi TV Closes New Round On Eve Of Upfront
How AI And Cross-Channel Can Boost Email
Apple Acquires Data Mining-Machine Learning Firm
Amazon Prime Finally Coming To Apple TV
Salesforce Uses Machine Intelligence to Help Email Users
States Move Into Cybersecurity Regulation
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, May 12, 2017
1-800-Flowers Taps Robot For Mother's Day Deliveries
Edmunds' Auto Info Incorporated Into Amazon Echo
McDonald's Moving Away From Using Its Mobile App As 'Promotional' Tool
SoftBank Takes $502 Million Stake In Improbable Vision For VR
Amazon Echo Gains Sponsored Messages Ad Platform
comScore To Measure OTT Viewing
Can A Modern Brand Trust 'Artificial' Intuition?
Google Grabs VR Content Studio Owlchemy Labs
London VR Start-Up Valued At $1 Billion
Autonomous Vehicles Should Not Be Marketed Like IPads
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, May 11, 2017
82% Unlikely To Buy An Amazon Echo Look
Rocket Fuel Launches Anti-Malvertising Platform Via AI & Google Cloud
Microsoft To Build AI Into Everything
Amazon Echo Adding Free Voice Calling, Messaging
AI Increasingly Setting Retail Prices
Behavorial Changes Seen More In Men Who Own Virtual Assistants
Microsoft Digs Into AI Through Image, Video, Search
Will AI Solve The Brand Safety Dilemma?
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Top Connected Home Uses: Automation 58%, Security 57%, Smart Sound 34%
Amazon Lets Alexa Answer And Make Calls, Retrieve Messages
The Changing Voice Of News
Machine Reading To Change Human, Search Engine Interactions
Machine Learning Is The Present And Future
Microsoft Working On Voice-Controlled Smart Home Hub
Consumers Prefer AI-Driven Customer Service Over Live Reps
Amazon Launches Echo Show
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, May 9, 2017
55% Want To Use Voice To Control Entertainment Devices
Microsoft, Samsung Call-Enabled Speaker Features Cortana, Skype
IBM Watson Launches Storytelling Competition
Data Is Now The World's Most Valuable Resource
Transport App Citymapper Testing Bus Service
CityMapper Trials Its Own London Bus Route
Why? Artificial Intelligence To Provide An Explanation
AI Comes To Ecommerce Site Search
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, May 8, 2017
Millennials Drive Growth Of Digital Voice Assistants
Newton Mail Arrives On Alexa
ExxonMobil Adds To Apple Watch, Connected Cars
Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Launches VR Marketing Campaign
Whirlpool Acquires Recipe Search Engine
BloomReach Unveils AI-Powered Digital Experience Platform For Content Personalization
Facebook Folds VR Content Studio
Predictive Analytics, AI Shave Time From Google AdWords Campaign Management
Exploding Old Contexts With AI
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, May 5, 2017
Voice-Enabled AI Added To Magic Mirror
eBay Boosts Email With Machine-Learning, Personalization
Best Buy Adding Smart Home Installers To Aid In-Store Customers
Is AI Limiting Users' Web Site Choices?
Volvo Plans Solar Eclipse Stunt
Facebook Shuts Oculus VR Filmmaking Operation
It's A Mad, Mad Augmented Virtual World Spins Off From Parent TEGNA, Finds Independence
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, May 4, 2017
World Password Day Meets A World Of Unsecured Connected Devices
Artificial Intelligence Is A CMO's Best Friend
Search's Future Depends On Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Hulu Launches Its Skinny Bundle--Adds Scripps
Hulu Re-Ups 'Handmaids,' And TV Screen Views
EBay Overhauls Email Marketing With Machine Learning
Pokemon Go Defeats Lawsuit Over Privacy Policy
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Smart Home Devices Grow As Smartphone Boom Comes To An End
Y&R Takes A Page From McCann's 'Fearless Girl' Playbook to Celebrate Notable Women With Augmented Reality App
Uber Self-Driving Car Program Goes Back To Court
Android Finally Takes Top OS Spot
Nearly Half Of World Will Use Internet At Least Once A Month
Report Says Teens Watch Much More Netflix, YouTube Than Live TV
WaPo Offers A Readers' Guide To Streaming TV
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