AI & IoT Daily Editions for March 2018
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, March 30, 2018
Renters Would Pay Extra For Smart Apartments
Amazon Adds Feature To Link Alexa Directly To TV Services
Self-Driving Car Gets Ticket
VR, AR Gaming Jobs Up 93%
Uber Car Drives Down Stairs, Gets Stuck
New Cars Gain Self-Driving Safety Features
Havas Bets On Cryptocurrency With New Blockchain Practice
Under Armour Says 150 Million Hit With MyFitnessPal Hack
Self-Driving Cars? We're Already In Danger
MailChimp Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising In Emails
What Happens When Consumers Stop Giving Up Data Willingly?
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, March 29, 2018
Virtual Reality Struggles To Go More Mainstream
Google Home Adds Bluetooth Speakers Linkage
IoT Patent Applications Top 8,500
Drone Market: What Goes Up Doesn't Always Come Down
Microsoft Reorganizes: Puts Focus On Cloud, AI
Terms Of Abuse
Snap To Cut 100 Ad, Sales Staffers
Uber Reaches Settlement With Family Of Self-Driving Car Victim
Google Intros New Text-To-Speech Service
VR Camera Maker Calling It Quits
Whole Foods With Amazon Lockers Spur 'Micro-Visits'
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
The New Hot Wearables: Connected Clothing, Smart Glasses, Smart Jewelry
52% In U.S. Positive On Self-Driving Cars, 24% Would Never Use One
Facebook Holds Off On Showing Smart Speaker
Facial Recognition Used To Fine Jaywalkers By Text Message
Uber Gives Up Rights For Testing Self-Driving Cars In Califoria
Waze Launches Ads For Small Businesses
Sony Drops PlayStation VR Headet Price To $299
Self-Driving Cars Allowed Back On Boston Streets
Smartphone Shoppers, Gamers, And Tech Homers
Digital Marketing 4.0 For B2B Brands
Apple Readying Bigger 'Watch'
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Walmart Files Patent For Drone Customer Service In Stores
Waymo Buying Up To 20,000 Jaguar SUVs For Driverless Fleet
Machine-Learning Robot Recognizes, Picks Up Different Objects
Wemo Smart Plug Maker Acquired By iPhone Maker
Car Vending Machine From Ford, Alibaba Gives Free Test Drives
Sprint Sees Big Move To High-Speed 5G Phones Next Year
Brands, Agencies Want Results From AI -- Not 'Calgon Moment'
Arizona Governor Halts Autonomous Uber Testing
WTF Tech
Twitter To Ban Cryptocurrency Ads
Bing 'Intelligent Search' Features Increase In Speed
Broadridge Acquires Israeli Tech Firm ActivePath
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, March 26, 2018
Mind-Reading Robot Mimics Facial Expressions
Smart Home Device Ownership Hits 49%
Tesla Rolling Out New Navigation System
Toshiba Plans Transformation With IoT, AI Focus
Contextual Content And AI The New 'Wingmen' Of Email
Starbucks To Exchange Free Wi-Fi For Email Addresses
Smart Speakers, AI Devices Booming In China
Driverless Cars Learning To See In The Snow
Apple Readying 'Foldable' IPhone For 2020
Don't Underestimate AI Just Because It's Overhyped
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, March 23, 2018
Walmart Launches Shelf-Scanning Robots Into 50 Stores
Diageo Intros Amazon Alexa Happy Hour Skill
Amazon Patents Waving At Drone To Bring A Package
Google Assistant Taught To Transfer Money
The No.1 Trait Of The Modern Marketer: Being Tech Savvy
Honda Dealership Uses Google 'To Move At The Speed Of The Customer'
Company Making $178 Connected Wine Bottle Calls It Quits
Snap Adds 'Explore' Feature To Maps
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, March 22, 2018
Augmented Reality Finally Arriving In A Big Way
Self-Driving Vehicle Tests Paused; Uber Fatal Crash Video Released
Shazam, Glenlivet Team For AR Experience From Whiskey Bottle
HTC Intros Vive Pro VR Headset
Sotheby's Adds Augmented Reality To International Listings
Blockchain Startup 'Media Protocol' Pitches Virtues Of 'Value-Based' Advertising
Snap Creating New AR Tools For Lens Studio
Google Quietly Builds Blockchain Cloud Services
Lufthansa Reduces Load Time With Face Screening
2018: The Year of AR, VR? Don't Hold Your Breath
Gumtree Partners With Phrasee, Increasing Email Engagement With AI
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Voice Assistant Users Want Brands To Provide Innovation, Utility
IoT Tracking Created To Monitor Pets While Transported On Airlines
Furniture Retailer Taps AI For Marketing
IoT Security Spending Projected To Hit $1.5 Billion This Year
Qualcomm's New VR Headset Includes Eye Tracking
Airbus Developing Flying Taxi
Five Jaw-Dropping Reactions From These Ad Execs' Visit To Amazon Go
Study Finds Stores Flunking Discovery, Engagement
5G Spectrum Auction Launched In The UK
Amazon Voice Search Attracts Older Shoppers, Younger Consumers Prefer Mobile Phones
It's Not For You To Know: Consumers Loath To Share Personal Data, Study Shows
Roku Brings The Roku Channel To Other OTT Platforms
Warner Bros. Names Patty Hirsch GM Of Digital Labs
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, March 20, 2018
L'Oreal Acquires AR Beauty Company ModiFace
Self-Driving Uber Car Not At Fault, Say Early Police Findings
In-Store Shoppers Lean On Technology, Want To Be Left Alone
Macy's Rolls Out Mobile Checkout; Adds AR, VR
Augmented Intelligence Trumps Artificial Intelligence
ESPs Advance In The Age Of AI And Machine Learning: Report
Study: Journalism's Use Of Virtual Reality Can Increase Empathy
New Amazon Alexa 'Brief Mode' Replaces Replies With Sounds
Disney Works To Turn Scripts Into Virtual Reality
eBay Taps Augmented Reality To Show Correct Box Sizes
Selling The Fear: GDPR Could Be The Next Y2K, Lawyer Warns
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, March 19, 2018
38% Would Trust A Drone To Deliver Their Packages, 26% Would Not
Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian In Arizona
Nest Launches $39 Temperature Sensor
12 Million VR, AR Headsets Projected This Year, 69 Million In 2022
Walmart Might Be Planning Robot Bees To Pollinate Crops
Facial Recognition Being Added To Some 7-Eleven Stores
Alexa Makes Spending Easy
Google Offering 'Lens' To All 'Photos' Users
MediaMath: How Machine Learning Will Change Ad Serving In 2018
Google Connects Search, Home, Assistant Purchases Through Shopping Actions
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