• Feature of Retailer Apps Found Lacking
    More than 90% of retailers do not deep link customers into social apps most consumers have on their phones, leading customers instead to a mobile web sign-in page, a social kiss of death, one expert says. The whole point of having a mobile app is to offer a consumer the best possible mobile experience, which includes the consumer only having to log in the first time—from there on out, she is always logged in and ready to go.
  • Mobile Shoppers in Market Face Commerce Fraud
  • Square Backs Apple Pay Platform
    Square, a prominent mobile payments firm in North America, recently announced that it will be registering its service with Apple Pay. The firm is yet another prominent entity in the mobile commerce space that has begun showing support for the Apple Pay platform. Square is not limiting itself to showing support for Apple Pay, of course, and has also announced that it is considering supporting Bitcoin, a somewhat controversial digital currency. The firm is currently developing a register service that will allow merchants to accept traditional payments, checks, credit cards, and digital …
  • Dunkin' Donuts Testing Mobile Ordering
    Dunkin’ Donuts’ recent announcement of a mobile-ordering test supports the brand’s ongoing efforts to expand its menu by encouraging customers to try new items without having to wait in line. While the preparation of a regular cream and sugar may not cause a line to form, Dunkin’ wants to make it exceptionally easy for customers to try its many breakfast items. Mobile ordering could encourage customers to place larger orders by preventing the need to wait in line.
  • Museum Testing Beacon Technology
    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is in the early stages of testing beacon technology to improve the way customers interact with its exhibitions. Guggenheim Foundation CIO Robert Rosenthal says he sees great potential for the technology to bring visitors closer to the exhibits, and traffic flow data could influence how the museum designs infrastructure projects. The fact that it’s a museum also raises questions about how to implement the technology in a way that is unobtrusive, but still able to reach visitors in the most impactful way.
  • Citi Targets Mobile Banking, Cuts Paper
    With digital bill paying now more popular than paper checks, Citibank has launched a new type of banking account designed specifically for online and mobile bankers. Mobile banking has made it easier than ever for consumers to pay bills, which is reflected in the findings from a new Citibank survey revealing that 20 percent of younger consumers do not own a checkbook. The new Access Account is designed for digitally savvy consumers by excluding paper checks in favor of online and mobile payment methods.
  • Mobile Helps Drive European Online Sales
    Europe’s online retail sales will double between 2013 and 2019, according to new research from Mintel. Internet sales are expected to increase by 100% from €165m in 2013 to €330m in 2019. In 2014 alone, European online retail sales will surge 17% to reach €193bn, equivalent to around 7% of all European retail sales (19 countries, excluding Russia.) And m-commerce looks to be bolstering growth in e-commerce according to Mintel’s latest European research, as shopping via a smartphone has now reached 41% of internet users in the UK; only Italy records higher levels of smartphone shopping at 44%. Elsewhere in Europe, …
  • Smartphone Shoppers Frustrated by Tech Issues
    Consumers in Asia-Pacific are vastly using their smartphones to browse and purchase from mcommerce sites, with 84percent of consumers using their smartphones to browse on a weekly basis, according to Rackspace’s new Asia-Pacific mcommerce study. However, frustrations are running high as 78percent of consumers experience technical issues when browsing sites on their smartphone, affecting purchasing decisions and company perception. The research commissioned by Rackspace (NYSE: RAX), the managed cloud company, surveyed 1200 consumers aged between 22-44 across Hong Kong, Singapore and India to gain insights into mobile habits and behaviors.
  • Another Shopping Center Beaconing
    Land Securities, the UK’s largest commercial property company, has refreshed its mobile app for the Trinity Leeds shopping centre to incorporate proximity-based beacon technology. Following a successful three month trial, the new app, developed by RE:SYSTEMS, will enable customers to receive targeted location-specific offers and discounts directly onto their smartphones when visiting the shopping centre.
  • Merchants Seen as Still Early in Mobile Commerce
    The value of commerce transactions conducted via mobile handsets/tablets will exceed US $120 Billion by 2017 with 150 Million users. Mobile commerce growth is driven by increasing convenience, value & security available to the consumers via smart devices. But most of the retailers are still not able to figure out the best mobile experience with respect to their mobile websites and mobile apps. Mobile commerce has become more of a buyer’s market. “Merchants are still in 1st baby steps with Mobile and Mobile Data,” says Kristina Yee, Analyst, Gigaom Research.
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