• Amazon Looks to Monthly Fee for Apps
    Amazon may not yet have the same number or quality of mobile apps that are available through the Google Play store, but it hasn’t given up on being able to become an important competitor in the application marketplace. The idea behind the Amazon Unlocked service would be that consumers would be able to subscribe with a monthly fee and would be able to gain access to a range of different premiumpaid mobile apps, without any additional cost. Moreover, what may make this offer even more appealing to many consumers is that many in-app purchases would also be included with a monthly ...
  • Apple Rumored Readying Payments for China
    Rumors are ripe that Apple has reached common ground with China UnionPay, and we might witness an Apple Pay rollout in China within the next month. As reported by kapron ASIA, Bank of China has cited in a Weibo post that April 15th could be the day of the official announcement, while April 28th could be the official launch day. China’s mobile payment market presents a positive opportunity for Apple Pay. Substantial NFC infrastructure is already present in China. There are over 4 million POS terminals in China that support UnionPay’s NFC enabled Quickpass technology. There has been an explosive growth in mobile payments ...
  • Facebook Courts Retailers for Messenger
    Facebook hopes to transform the way  customers communicate with retailers by re-inventing the customer service platform. Facebook and its partner Zendesk, a customer service platform firm, are teaming up to allow businesses to provide scalable and responsive customer service to the more than 600 million people worldwide who use Facebook's popular Messenger app. The social media giant is inviting retailers and other companies to develop software that allows customers to communicate instantly with them through Messenger. “Messenger has changed the way people communicate with their friends, and now it’s opening new opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers,” said Adrian ...
  • Flexible Beacon Runs Without Batteries
    Fujitsu Laboratories announced the development of a thin, light-weight beacon, weighing 3 grams with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters, that does not require battery replacement or other maintenance and is flexible enough for installation on round objects, corners, and curves. Previously, beacons that did not require battery replacement needed power-supply components, such as power-management ICs and secondary batteries, as control circuits to ensure adequate power on activation. These components, which are relatively thick and occupy a large area, make the beacons themselves rigid and large, limiting locations to which they can be attached.
  • Supermarket Chain Updates Shopping App
    Supermarket chain Kroger is tightening the integration between the planning and in-store stages of grocery shopping through new upgrades to the shopping list feature in its mobile application that make it easier to find products. Users of the updated app for iOS and Android can now find even more specific products for their shopping list thanks to the addition of popular items to the predictive text search capability. In addition, shoppers can now sort their shopping list by aisle location in their preferred store.
  • Google Looks at Bill Paying via Gmail
    Google’s mission to organize the world’s information is now targeting your physical mailbox. The company is currently working on a project that will allow Gmail users to more easily receive bills in their email inbox instead of their mailbox. Called Pony Express, the service also is designed to let people pay their bills within Gmail, rather than having to go to a telecom or utility company’s website to complete a payment. Those details are outlined in a lengthy document viewed by Re/code. The new service is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter, according to the document. It’s not clear whether ...
  • Grocery Shopping Linked to Mobile Wallet
    The service is a big step towards m-Commerce in the local market, where customers would be able to purchase and receive goods and services from their wallets. The service was being launched with National Foods, and would in future be rolled out further to include other suppliers, Econet said. EcoShopper will allow EcoCash subscribers to choose from a wide selection of grocery hampers from the EcoCash menu to be sent directly to the recipient, the company said at the launch. The service was available via the normal USSD menu, a mobile website and an Android application downloadable for free from ...
  • 33% Would Pay Fee for Mobile Banking App, Says Survey
    Some bank customers would actually pay to use their lender’s mobile app, according to the results of a new survey – and customers of Charlotte-based Bank of America are the most open to the idea. Research company SNL Financial last week released the findings of the survey, which asked customers of nine large U.S. banks if they would be willing to pay $3 a month to keep using their banks’ apps. Among Bank of America customers, 33 percent indicated a willingness to pay the fee, the highest percentage for any bank. Citigroup customers came in second, at 31 percent. It’s ...
  • Mobile Behind the Commerce Push in Market
    ASEAN is home to some of the biggest smartphone markets in the world – a key advantage given mobile devices account for 40 percent of global e-commerce transactions, according to a February report from Criteo. In Indonesia, the world's fourth-most populous country, smartphone penetration is around 23 percent, compared with 18 percent in India, Nielson data shows. In more developed economies like Singapore, that figure jumps to 85 percent – the highest rate in the world.
  • Bingo-Like Mobile Scavenger Hunt Launched
    CBS Local Digital Media launched a new photo gaming application for iOS named Pingo from which different brands across the board will benefit.  Users are compelled to engage with a specific brand for each challenge by completing picture tasks that correlate to the brand.The game features various scavenger hunt-like challenges in a bingo board format in the different categories.
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