• Mobile Behind the Commerce Push in Market
    ASEAN is home to some of the biggest smartphone markets in the world – a key advantage given mobile devices account for 40 percent of global e-commerce transactions, according to a February report from Criteo. In Indonesia, the world's fourth-most populous country, smartphone penetration is around 23 percent, compared with 18 percent in India, Nielson data shows. In more developed economies like Singapore, that figure jumps to 85 percent – the highest rate in the world.
  • Bingo-Like Mobile Scavenger Hunt Launched
    CBS Local Digital Media launched a new photo gaming application for iOS named Pingo from which different brands across the board will benefit.  Users are compelled to engage with a specific brand for each challenge by completing picture tasks that correlate to the brand.The game features various scavenger hunt-like challenges in a bingo board format in the different categories.
  • Mobile Dominates Online Sales in Market
    Mobile commerce is growing quickly in India. Many of the country’s retailers are beginning to invest in the mobile space as a way to engage consumers that are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online and in physical stores. Vizury, a leading marketing and remarketing firm,has released a new report concerning the state of India’s mobile commerce sector. The report shows that the sector is poised to see exponential growth in 2015. According to the report, consumers are using their mobile devices for more than just searching for products online. Mobile commerce throughout the country has growth by 130% over the past …
  • Disney Grows Game Downloads
    The Walt Disney Company owns Mickey Mouse, Han Solo, and Iron Man. It has turned this wealth of brands into big time success in film, toys, and more — and it’s working on making that same leap with its game business. Disney is finding its stride in gaming. It has five internal studios focused on mobile games making stuff like Where’s My Water, Star Wars: Commander, and Marvel Avengers Alliance. These are all successful properties, but success was not the word you would use to describe Disney gaming efforts for much of the last several years.
  • Health Brand Adds Mobile Food Ordering
    Time Inc.’s All You and Health are foraying into the sector of branded weekly meal plans by enabling consumers to order food and view recipes via the eMeals mobile application, suggesting that even health brands must have a mobile ordering component to drive sales. The partnership with eMeals, an online meal planning service, suggests that recipe sites or brands must now also have a component that allows fans to order recipes and have quick access to a slew of dietary options. Time Inc. believes that this displays the ability for its media brands to expand across various platforms and advance …
  • The Mechanisms in Facebook Payments
    A vast majority of Facebook’s 500 million monthly users are logged on to Facebook Messenger with about 80 million payment cards on file. Facebook’s recently launched P2P payments system is currently built entirely around the Messenger platform. Facebook’s P2P payments begins as a conversation within the Messenger app. Then, with the press of the new $ icon and the entry of an amount, one can send money that will arrive on the recipient’s listed debit card within seconds. What is really interesting is that Facebook is offering a fee-free P2P payment service for several reasons. One of them is that every ad-tech …
  • Air Wick Taps QR Codes for Mall Shoppers
    Air Wick’s leveraging of a program with a QR code in a pop-up home in a shopping mall promotion capitalizes on the attention-grabbing power of personalized content but risks excluding consumers who lack know-how in scanning the codes. Air Wick is tapping QR codes as part of a campaign in a three-dimensional home in Mall of America in Bloomington, MN that showcases Life Scents, a set of constantly changing fragrances in multiple rooms curated by lifestyle experts around a different immersive scent experience. The program points to the need for marketers to include alternative ways for less mobile savvy consumers …
  • Starbucks Adds to Mobile Ordering Feature
    Starbucks is adding several shots of espresso to its mobile ordering strategy by announcing two delivery models, a tactic which will be a game-changer for food and beverage marketers aiming to compete with the brand. On the heels of the Pacific Northwest launch of the Mobile Order and Pay feature, Starbucks will be testing a variety of delivery options this year, in accordance with its dedication to being a leader in the mobile space. If Starbucks sees a successful pilot with the delivery programs, this could raise the bar for other food and beverage marketers, especially those that have not …
  • Retail CFOs to Spend More on Mobile
    Retail CFOs expect U.S. consumers’ feverish appetite for online buying to continue its strong upward trajectory in 2015. According to a recent BDO USA survey, nearly four out of five (78%) retail chief financial officers anticipate their online sales to grow. Overall, CFOs forecast an impressive 9.9% boost to e-commerce sales this year. This projected increase comes after the Commerce Department’s estimate of a record-breaking $304.9 billion in U.S. online sales in 2014. “Consumers crave speed, selection and the convenience of shopping anywhere and anytime at the touch of a button,” said Natalie Kotlyar, partner in the Consumer Business practice at …
  • Commerce Platform Moving to App Only
    India’s largest e-commerce firm Flipkart Ltd and its unit Myntra have both shut their mobile websites in their first big move toward becoming a mobile app-only shopping platform. Mint first reported on 4 March that Flipkart was considering shutting its mobile site as well as its desktop-based website to move sales entirely to the mobile app. Spokespersons for Flipkart and Myntra confirmed that the companies had shut their mobile websites. The desktop-based sites are still functional though both companies are considering shutting them over time, two people familiar with the matter said.
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