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Gillette Goes Global For 'The Moment'

Gillette ad spot Gillette, which has introduced new products to extend the brand beyond shaving and into hair styling and personal care products, is launching its first global ad campaign in five years. New product lines include Gillette Styling, Gillette Clinical Strength Ultra Comfort antiperspirant and deodorant and Gillette Hydrating Body Washes.

The new effort, "The Moment," keeps Gillette's "The Best A Man Can Get" tag line. The company says it did extensive consumer research around the world to learn that one thing men have in common, regardless of status or self esteem, is doubt. One would not think the Gillette Champions -- Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter -- would have too many problems on that front, but they are featured in the new ad effort, along with regular Joes.

The ad shows Jeter at bat, Woods about to swing and assorted guys about to do more important things, like get up the nerve to speak to a beautiful girl in a café, toast a best friend at a wedding or give a business presentation. The voiceover says: "We all have confidence; we all have doubt. But when the moment comes, what's going to win? Here's to confidence. Look, feel, be your best."



"This new campaign is a natural progression of our successful 'The Best A Man Can Get' campaign. It supports our strategy to build our global leadership in men's grooming and strengthen the emotional bond we have with ... men who start each day with Gillette," says Peter Clay, vice president, Brand Franchise Leader, Gillette, in a release.

The first new spot in the campaign, which debuted at the Men's Fitness Ultimate Athlete event in the U.S. on June 20, will begin airing nationally this week on sports, prime time and cable programs. Other campaign elements focusing on the Gillette male grooming product range will begin appearing next month, including print advertising, point-of-sale materials and digital advertising.

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  1. Kevin Horne from Verizon, July 2, 2009 at 5:48 p.m.

    The ONE thing we all have in common = doubt.

    My God - how much did they pay for that research? Can you just see the Planners doing the "big reveal" in a big conference room in the Ivory Tower in Cincinnati? Someone call the Mad Men writers now!

    P.S. Bernie Madoff didn't seem to possess any "doubt."

    Anyway, who solves for "doubt"? An insurance company? A financial advisor? A health care provider?


    A shaving cream. Or my razor. Uh oh, I'm doubting myself. Maybe they're right after all....

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