Mad About 'Mad Men?' You'll Go Crazy For This Promo

Media planners and buyers, especially those focused on digital media, don't always live the most glamorous lifestyles, toiling long hours in front of spread sheets in pursuit of those elusive initials R-O-I. But one lucky planner working in New York's Tri-State Area is about to get the kind of star treatment worthy of, well, a "Mad Man" character. In fact, they will be wined and dined by one or more cast members from the Emmy-award winning series courtesy of

To help draw attention to the popular online entertainment destination, TVGuideonline and TV Guide Network sales chief Richy Glassberg has come up with a trade promotion aimed at the sweet spot of Madison Avenue's planning community, offering prizes to hundreds of planners and buyers participating in the aptly named, Plannerati, sweepstakes. The top prize: A night on the town with a cast member from "Mad Men," which happens to be produced by Lionsgate, a studio that is an owner of the TV Guide online and TV platforms.



A spokeswoman could not confirm which cast member would participate in the promotion at presstime, but the official promo site,, will go up this morning, as well as a Twitter destination ( where users can follow the competition.

Initially, has nominated 100 planners and buyers in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) to participate in the contest, but friends, family and co-workers are welcome to nominate others via The Plannerati site.

Once nominated, the entrants must complete a personal profile to highlight their strengths and why they deserve to win. Throughout the contest the nominees will earn points when others go online and vote for them. On Nov. 13th, the winner who earns the most points will be announced and will redeem the grand prize of 24-hour celebrity treatment during the week of Nov. 16th, including the night on the town with the "Mad Men" cast member.

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  1. Lisa Martin from Marketing & Media Answers, October 29, 2009 at 6:44 p.m.

    Really TV Guide - you want to insult the other planners and buyers in the other 47 states? What a mistake! Some of the best media minds are in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas to name just a few other cities.

    You could have been smart and said you have to pay your way to New York City but instead you pick your home territory - how sad.

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