Haier, Weather Channel In Cross-Platform Ads

  • May 27, 2010
Haier America is launching a cross-platform advertising campaign with The Weather Channel Companies to promote the company's full line of air conditioners and home comfort products. The campaign includes a new television commercial, online banners, mobile Web banners and a radio spot. Haier will be promoting eco-friendly air conditioners and dehumidifiers beginning May 27, and running until mid-July.

Four products are featured; as each spins into view, one sees a creative visual interpretation of the word which describes the various key attributes of the Haier air conditioners -- Cool, Dry, Quiet and Eco-cool. Each word is textured to reinforce the key product attribute, e.g. the word Cool turns into ice.

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, weather.com will display Haier's banner ads which will be tagged with local retailer logos using targeted technology.

Stage two of the campaign is a 15-second TV commercial which will air on The Weather Channel network beginning June 1, corresponding with the first month of summer. The online campaign also includes a version of the television commercial which will run on weather.com. And lastly, weather.com on mobile smart phones will feature Haier's pop-up banner ad that is clickable through to a retailer landing page for Haier Air Conditioners.

A radio campaign kicks off on June 7, and will run in Haier's largest market, New York, on WINS - AM (1010).--Nina Lentini



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