New Editing Tool Links Sound And Motion

  • December 17, 2001
Michael Neuman, director of Research Studios San Francisco, and artist Michael Joaquin Grey announced the introduction of The Sound of Time, a new editing technology developed as a tool to intrinsically link sound and motion. Brand Jordan, via ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, will be the first company to license this never seen before creative tool for use in the creation and production of commercials for the Jordan Trunner campaign. The Sound of Time is a new proprietary multimedia system that automatically synchronizes moving image with sound, creating a potentially infinite number of variations in motion, sound, and their nexus. This system alters the very concept of editing by automatically synchronizing unrelated audio and visual tracks. The Jordan ads, in the first commercial use of the tool, will implement The Sound of Time creative system to develop a distinctive visual design unlike anything previously seen. Award winning director Brian Beletic will be working with Sound of Time inventors Michael Neuman and Michael Grey in the creative and production of the ads. Research Studios of San Francisco will do the titles and post-production, for the Jordan spots. - Adam Bernard
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