LG Focuses On Users In 3DTV Effort

Seeing is believing. But when it comes to 3DTV, it’s hard to get people to see the difference when they don’t have the technology to enable it. 

In a new digital and print advertising campaign, LG Electronics USA uses the expressions of people watching their 3D TVs (which the company calls “Cinema 3D” because they use glasses similar to those used in movie theaters, rather than the battery-powered glasses favored by other manufacturers) to illustrate the effect the screens have on the overall viewing experience. 

“If you look at the advertising in our industry, it’s really product focused. This is a much different approach. This is focusing on the consumer and capturing that thrill of 3D,” John Taylor, a representative of the company, tells Marketing Daily. “We think that the fun and interesting approach to showing people’s faces when they experience a 3D game or movie is a [differentiator].”



A video in the campaign depicts a young man holding a game controller while wearing 3D glasses, reacting animatedly with the game. Onscreen text (fashioned to look like 3D might look without glasses) reads: “He gets it … and Only LG’s got it.” Meanwhile, a print ad uses a sports theme, suggesting “it’s a whole new ballgame when you follow the action on an LG Cinema 3D TV … Experience the thrill of every play. Because you don’t get it ’til you got it.” A second print ad uses a gaming theme to highlight the 3D experience. The tagline for the campaign is “Only LG.”

 “The focus of the ad campaign last year was to talk about consumer preference,” Taylor says. “This year, we’re taking that to the next level and focusing on the consumer excitement that cinema 3D brings to your life.”

Ultimately, the ads are intended to drive consumers into stores where they can experience the 3D Cinema TVs firsthand, Taylor says. 

The campaign will run on gaming, sports and lifestyle Web sites, such as Hulu,, CBS Print executions will run in publications such as USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest and Entertainment Weekly

“The vast majority of consumers do a lot of online research and we want to be at those touchpoints,” Taylor says of the print and online approach, which will run through the end of the year.

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  1. Eva Graff from Disney, June 11, 2012 at 12:17 a.m.

    I have to say its campaign got me and I am highly satisfied with my current LG 3D TV.

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