Vibrant Media Launches Mosaic Platform

  • September 26, 2012

Vibrant Media is making mosaics. Actually, "Mosaic," to be formal about it. This is the company's latest in contextual advertising, part of an expansion begun a year ago under the aegis of CEO, Cella Irvine.

Mosaic is a full-screen format comprising "tiles" that can host such content as images, video, and social media feeds. It's also a user-initiated experience, minimizing the rage factor. It's also good for tablet, desktop and mobile. The new technology is the fourth paradigm under Vibrant's in-text ad products. Said Irvine, in a statement,  “Ad viewability is a major issue for brands. Consumers no longer have patience for advertising that fails to inform or delight."

The company bought Image Space Media this year, and launched "Lightbox" a full-screen video format. The new in-text features a new icon meant to show consumers that the link is an ad, and a “qualifier button.” When you mouse over or tap the hooked keyword (depending on your device) and hit the qualifier button the ad or content unit launch. 




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