Hyundai Canada Touts Hybrid Sonata In SB

For the second year in a row, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp is producing a TV spot for Canadian viewers during the Super Bowl.
The company says 14 million Canadians are expected to watch and 50% of Canadian households tune-in for the Super Bowl commercials as much as the game itself. Canadian viewers have watch current Canadian TV commercials, though, instead of the American ones.

Hyundai, however, gets to do its own unique creative for the game, per the division. John Vernile, HACC's Vice President of Marketing. "We decided to invest in this commercial to entertain our viewers but at the same time, to inform them that we have a world-class hybrid sedan."

The automaker's Canadian division put the ad online on Tuesday, and two versions with different endings will be released online at or in advance of this Sunday's broadcast.
The 60-second TV spot, via Innocean Worldwide Canada, features the Sonata Hybrid in a post-apocalyptic chase scene with a big-screen feel to tout the car's fuel economy benefits.

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