V12 Group Automates Customer Acquisitions Through Data

V12 Group officially rolls out Launchpad Wednesday, a hosted platform that automates the ability to find new customers based on the company's existing customer base.

The platform pulls in data from a variety of marketing media databases to give marketers one view through Launchpad. It provides a complete view of all customer interactions across every type of marketing channel to more easily acquire new customers. Long term it will bridge the gap with CRM systems on one platform.

V12 Group's founder and CEO Paul Chachko said the platform can take a file with 100,000 customers and produce a 30-page analytical report in 5 to 10 minutes.

Marketers can identify and reach new consumer, business, display, and automotive prospects by selecting from V12 Group's 3.4 billion record data warehouse. The automated acquisition marketing platform addresses challenges faced by marketers with franchise and other distributed organizations to track multiple campaigns in specific geographies simultaneously.



This application supports automated email marketing, display advertising, social media management, mobile marketing, direct mail lists, customer profiles, customer clones, data enhancements and visualization, and reporting for companies like AT&T, Sears, Merkel, Epsilon.

The evolution of data, mobile, social and other technology during the past 10 years has become a "mainstay" in advertising, Chachko said. "The appreciation of data has become the new black, it's become sexy, but tying it together to acquire new customers is very difficult," he said. "That's why it hasn't been done, until now."

Chachko said a lot of companies have either exceptional technology or good data, but few have both. Putting the two together creates new customer acquisition opportunities. He said companies can use the platform for free with the purchase of V12's data or the company's data. It's a platform for CMOs who have a commitment to marketing to new audiences and investing in data.

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