Mobile App Platform Fiksu Adds Retargeting

Mobile app marketing platform Fiksu said Thursday it is rolling out retargeting to help brands and developers reconnect with lapsed app users.
The company uses standard first-party data sources, such as Apple’s IDFA (identifier for advertisers) from within a developer's existing user base as the basis for retargeting, according to Craig Palli, the Fiksu's chief strategy officer. It also uses statistical modeling to identify users across devices or platforms -- a technique similar to digital fingerprinting.
Fiksu suggested that advertisers could also use the new retargeting capability to re-engage people who have downloaded an app but never taken any actions, like registering or making an in-app purchase, and reach prior users when released news apps or updates.
The offering also extends across platforms, so developers could potentially retarget ads to the desktop to drive app usage on mobile phones and tablets.
Retargeting is rapidly extending from the desktop to mobile, with companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, 4INFO, Flurry, and location-focused mobile ad network xAd beginning to offer the ad option on devices. Retargeting has historically been a challenge in mobile because of the lack of cookies, but the cross-device reach of companies like Google and Facebook is making it more of a reality.
“Successful execution of retargeting campaigns requires significant scale--both a large base of users to retarget, and a wide spectrum of impressions to reach them,” said Palli. “We feel that the massive expansion of mobile usage in 2013 has really made retargeting viable for 2014, as demonstrated by our RTB inventory of 150,000 impressions per second.”
Among the clients testing retargeting with Fiksu to date have been Shotzoom, which makes the PGATourCaddie app, and what Palli described as a “household food and beverage brand,” and a “photo-sharing app with tens of millions of users.” He added that other clients across app categories are also starting to run test campaigns



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  1. Anni Paul from BoscoSystems, January 10, 2014 at 3:14 a.m.

    Fiksu, like Facebook and Airpush, is wisely getting ahead of the field by focusing on this, which is going to be so much more important in the next year or two than it is today. The ability to improve targeting/tracking will make ads SO much more relevant and ultimately effective. Anyone that tells you consumers are creeped out by this doesn't know the facts. Mobile/online users WANT more useful ads and respond well to ads that are well-targeted -

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