Mission Pharmacal Creates Mobile App For Docs

A popular medical management tool is now available on iPads and iPhones, thanks to Mission Pharmacal Company.

The San Antonio-based pharma company sponsored the development of an app that helps doctors in treating kidney stones.

For more than a decade, physicians have turned to the highly regarded "ABCs of Medical Management of Stones" booklet for a simple, step-by-step approach to the diagnosis and treatment of nephrolithiasis (kidney stones). Now the education tool is available as an easy-to-access, easy-to-use mobile application for Apple devices.

"The ABCs of Kidney Stones app may simplify an otherwise complicated diagnosis, guiding the physician through the process using a standard protocol that differentiates between first-time and recurrent stone formers," says Dan Crawford, marketing director of the urological division of Mission Pharmacal Company, in a release. "The app provides an interactive and updated version of the popular ABCs literature, which was developed and co-authored by some of the most respected and recognized thought leaders in the management of kidney stones. Their reputations alone add tremendous credibility to this app."



"The ABCs of Medical Management of Stones," now in its second edition, was recently updated for physicians who were looking for an efficient way to manage the complexities of stone disease.

"First with the booklet, and now with the app, the ABCs make the doctors' job easier,” Crawford said. “The app will get the ABCs into the hands and pockets of younger physicians or those who prefer to get information electronically.”

The app was initially released on iTunes for use on Apple devices because at least 60% of physicians now use an iPad tablet in their practices. The app will be released for use on an Android platform in coming months. 

The app will also allow physicians to show videos to their patients during a visit with topics including how a kidney stone is formed. Its easy-to-follow format allows physicians to make the most of the limited time they have with patients, interacting and educating them, rather than searching for information.  

When using the app to make a diagnosis, for example, the physician will select certain criteria, such as whether or not the patient has just experienced their first stone episode or has risk factors for stone disease. These considerations determine the best therapy, from a conservative approach of increasing fluid intake, limiting dietary sodium or making other dietary changes, to taking medication if lifestyle changes don't work.

The goal is always enhanced patient compliance, which is why the original ABC physician guide was followed by the patient handbook, "The ABCs of Kidney Stones: A Patient's Guide to Help Prevent Recurrent Kidney Stones."

Mission Pharmacal expects to release the patient education booklet as an app in the future.

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