CBS Extends Nielsen Cross-Platform Metrics Deal

Deepening its effort to sell across all media platforms -- and coming just before the big upfront TV selling season is to commence -- CBS has extended its cross-platform audience measurement agreement with Nielsen.

The multi-year deal includes several new research measurement efforts with “attitudinal” and “behavioral” data. This offers what CBS and Nielsen hope is more precise marketing for return on media investment advertising activities for marketers.

This is the second deal in two weeks that CBS has made to gain more specific TV-related and marketing measurement. CBS recently did a deal with Rentrak to use its “advanced demographics” ratings -- beyond just age/sex demographics -- to push a new form of TV advertising currency.

CBS became the first of the major broadcast networks to sign up for Rentrak's TV Essentials service. Previously, Rentrak has signed numerous deals with media agencies and broadcast groups for TV Essentials.

These two deals come just before the heavy media planning for the TV upfront selling season starts in the spring/summer.

With regard to the Nielsen deal, David F. Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS Corp., stated that CBS and Nielsen have long collaborated on a number of major research efforts to improve audience measurement. “These initiatives have been successful in advancing analytics for traditional media, developing audience measures to encompass the new media alternatives, and integrating these two objectives into a comprehensive cross-platform measurement system,” he says.

“However, these challenges are not effectively addressed by short-term solutions, but require well-planned long-term programs," Poltrack adds.



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