Nielsen Debuts Local Buyer Reach To Aid Advertisers

Looking to give local advertisers what national TV advertisers have -- the ability to link TV viewing data with consumer buying data -- Nielsen is starting up Local Buyer Reach. 

Nielsen says the service will link its local television viewing data with consumer transactions and auto registrations. Some 40+ categories can be accessed -- including automotive, retail shopping, quick-service restaurants and grocery stores.
Nielsen says the Local Buyer Reach, which is available in all 210 U.S. markets that it covers, will aggregate local TV viewing behavior with online and offline purchase activity from “anonymized, privacy-protected credit card and auto registration data.”

The methodology is compatible in all Nielsen measuring platforms: local people meter, set-meter and diary.

Matt O’Grady, executive vice president/managing director of local media for Nielsen, states: “By connecting the industry standard for audience measurement with such granular consumer data, clients will be able to prove their ability to reach highly desirable spenders by daypart, program and specific market.”

For some time, Nielsen has had similar products available for national advertisers in this arena, including Nielsen Catalina Solutions.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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