Yandex, Google Partner In RTB Display Ad Deal

Google has partnered with Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, in a deal that will allow the two companies to open and share inventory across their advertising display networks.

The partnership connects two real-time bidding (RTB) systems. Google's DoubleClick Bid Manager as well as its demand-side platform will link to Yandex's real-time bidding (RTB) system, which rolled out in March 2012. The Yandex demand-side platform, AWAPS, joins Google's RTB marketplace, DoubleClick AdExchange.

The agreement opens competition and creates a global network. DoubleClick clients gain access to one of Russia's largest advertising inventories offered by publishers across the Yandex's advertising network. It also allows Yandex advertising clients to bid on display advertising space throughout the DoubleClick publisher network.

The display advertising agreement does not include text-based ads. Yandex holds about 6% market share in Russia. The two expect technical integration to take several months.

The agreement will increase the advertising inventory available to the clients of both companies. Yandex believes the deal will benefit the RTB-based advertising market by opening opportunities to more of bidders and sellers. Increasing the options for brands, the system takes into account the matching of ads to publishers. The more fine-tuned the ad targeting becomes, the better optimized the bids.

"Google and Yandex complement each other in terms of user data, audience-targeting and bid-optimization, with Yandex's machine learning technology, MatrixNet, providing fluidity and precision to behavior-based targeting, and Google's cutting-edge ad display optimization giving all market participants the best value for their money," Yandex explains in a blog post.

In January, Yandex signed an agreement with Facebook to integrate real-time posts, and use the site's data to provide more relevant social-related search results in a goal is to promote "hot topics" trending on the social site.

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