BrightEdge Puts Focus On Content Analyses

It takes terabytes of data and the correct analyses to determine the type of content marketers should use for each campaign. Misjudging the strategy could cost the brand millions in lost leads, revenue and potential customers. BrightEdge will release a platform Friday that processes that data, giving clients access through its S3 platform.

Data Cube indexes thousands of terabytes of data weekly including content, rich media, search, and social to provide companies with the insights they need to make strategic business decisions that increase revenue. BrightEdge cofounder said until now customers had access to a "sliver" of the data.

Most marketers know the importance of content marketing, but not many know where to start or the type that will have the biggest impact. There have been mistakes in "educated guesses" that have cost brands millions.



"The biggest question I get when it comes to content is 'where do I start?'" Yu said. "That's how it got started. I went back to the team, and after we talked about we realized we're sitting on this massive treasure trove of data because we're pulling in search, content, and social."

From there, BrightEdge built up the platform to determine the demand content and where it does well for specific industries, pages and more. Before brands start developing content, they can feed specific criteria into the platform to determine the type of media works well for certain market segments, competitors, and geographies.

The platform learns from the patterns it processes, according to Yu. It also makes it easier for marketers to perform long form keyword searches, which means they can identify new ways to tackle similar markets. This includes the ability to discover new keywords to target, and understand which keywords have the highest search volume.

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