Mindshare Takes 'The Loop' Global

WPP’s Mindshare is expected to announce today that it is rolling out its proprietary real-time marketing process, The Loop, to 12 countries across its global network in time for the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil which begins June 12.

The shop also said it is expanding an existing agreement with Twitter that will enable select clients in its Loop markets with access to Twitter Live Studio services.

The shop unveiled The Loop in the U.S. earlier this year. The so-called “adaptive marketing” platform has been positioned by the agency as a process that goes a step further than many real-time marketing efforts by tying paid media into the mix along with owned and earned media.



Now the system is being rolled out to Austria, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Turkey and the UK.

Nick Emery, Mindshare’s London-based Global CEO, said: “The Loop is different because it’s about cultural change not data trawling. It drives a change in working practices that in turn drives behavioral change,” he added, “both for our clients’ consumer relations, but also how we work across client agency networks to create one focused team working adaptively, reacting live and seeing trends ahead of the competition.”

The World Cup timing is by design, given that it’s one of the most watched events globally. The agency cited a new study from GlobalWebIndex that reports that among the millions of World Cup watchers will be 90% of the UK’s Twitter user base. The shop has an agreement with Twitter enabling it to use the social network to amplify messages.

Since The Loop’s launch, Mindshare has struck a number of agreements with third parties designed to add both analytic and activation capabilities to the platform. Last week, it confirmed a deal with Weather Co. providing Mindshare access to reams of weather data the agency will be able to use to adjust ad buys based on weather forecasts.

Earlier, it unveiled a partnership with BuzzFeed through which the agency will receive detailed access to BuzzFeed Fre.sh data, which analyzes and ranks how its stories move across social media. In return, Mindshare has made a commitment to buy ads on the BuzzFeed site.

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