Sony Launching Branded 'Experiences'

Showcasing not just its new technology, but how it all works together, Sony will be setting up “Sony Experience” areas within nearly 350 Best Buy locations nationwide. 

“The space will allow the opportunity to educate, inspire and engage with customers about Sony’s home theater products,” Margaret Kairis, VP of consumer sales operations for Sony, tells Marketing Daily. “This partnership uniquely positions Sony to offer customers the advice, service and convenience they need to meet their entertainment needs.”

The areas, which will show off products such as TVs, media players, and sound systems, will give consumers the chance to experience all that Sony offers in a home-theater experience. Using touchscreen technology, consumers will be able to compare products and features in an interactive environment. The shop-within-a-shop will be staffed by specially trained “Sony Experience Experts,” who can offer knowledge about the Sony products. 



“Instead of a static wall of TVs showing the same content, consumers will be empowered to demo TVs with the type of content they are used to watching at home, whether that is broadcast TV, Blu-Rays or more, and compare features across models,” Kairis says.

In addition to expanding Sony’s visibility and footprint at retail in the U.S., The Sony Experience will show off the entertainment ecosystem of Sony products, not just showcasing the newest models and technology, but also how they work together, according to Kairis.

“These areas allow Sony to better help consumers understand how all the home theater products can work together, from 4K Ultra HD TVs to sound bars to PlayStation 4,” she says. “And since there is still confusion about 4K Ultra HD technology among consumers, this space will better allow Sony to educate consumers about 4K and its benefits.” 

With so many consumers researching products online, Sony is also extending the experience online on BestBuy.com’s Web site. The companies plan to hype the Sony Experience through advertising, promotions and social media, according to Kairis. 

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  1. Michael Van ausdeln from Stealing Share, May 6, 2014 at 10:31 a.m.

    I like this move because Sony has been in brand hell for years because it focused too much on individually branded products. It needs to make the parent brand more important, especially when Apple and others are doing a better job.

    If you're just focused on products then you are constantly fighting the battle of innovation. As explained here:


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